Nana sensoune
Nana Sensoune

戦争音 (Sensoune) "War sound" ナナ (Nana) Second reading of he number "seven"
TYPE: Robot
GENDER NONE (female sounding voicebank)

She humorously reffers to herself as "This Old Man".

VOICE RANGE G#3—A4 (logically) RELATED
Yokune Ruko (love interest and idol)
AGE  ??? GENRE Not specified HOMEPAGE
WEIGHT 907 kg CHARACTER ITEM dysfunctional pocket watch CREATOR nadis/-freckledjesus
HEIGHT 160 cm VOICE SOURCE nadis/-freckledjesus PICTURE LINK LIST
BIRTHDAY  ??? LIKES "Hanami", Summer, flaunting her sexuality MEDIA LIST Not available
RELEASE DATE 2016 (date pending) DISLIKES puke, being unhappy, malice SIGNATURE SONG NONE
ADDITIONAL INFO: Nana and seven other bots were created after WWII after the atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Her official companion is a dog resembling 'Hachiko', and her love interest and idol is Yokune Ruko. Her right eye is an audio spectrum that moves when she speaks and sings, usually covered by a white eyepatch or by keeping her eye closed.

Supplemental Information

  • She carries a pocket watch with the frozen time 8:16 when Hiroshima was bombed.
  • Her official companion is a dog resembling 'Hachiko'
  • Right eye is an audio spectrum that moves when she talks and sings, usually hidden by a white eyepatch or by keeping her eye closed.
  • Hair: short with and blue underneathe
  • Headgear: White eyepatch
  • Dress: Cropped top with a neck tie, suspenders, blackish-grey socks (she does not wear or like shoes).
  • Eyes: Red left eye, audio spectrum right eye.
  • Nationality: Made in Japan.


PEACE: Release Date Pending. It is going to be a monopitch bank resembling a whisper bank.

Usage Clause

Following the release of the first voicebank.

Author's Permission/Redistribution

  • When uploading a work using Sensoune NANA, please credit her in an obvious place.
  • Commercial use is forbidden without permission from nadis/-freckledjesus.
  • Use of Sensoune NANA to support or condone illegal activities is strictly prohibited.
  • Please contact nadis/-freckledjesus before redistribution of the voicebank.

Character Usage

  • Unofficial costume designs are allowed. However religious and/or political expression is prohibited.
  • Genderbends/pairing with other human UTAU allowed. (Please do not pair Nana with Furloids)
  • No responsibility can be claimed for damage caused by the usage of this voicebank.
  • Sexual representation is allowed, as long as the legal age limit is observed.

Popular Appearances



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