Height:5'5 3/4

Appereance: Net has a doctor look going on with her white long lab coat and rounded frame glasses.She has long curly black hair and dark brown eyes. Her shoulder has the number "07" on it meaning she is seventh (Ironic enough she is very unlucky). She has a nice carmel color skin tone and has a very dopey smile.

Personality:Net is very quiet and barley socializes unless you talk about books or she's grown fond of you.Net is very fond of the internet as well and often writes fanfiction and watch videos. Net is very emotionally sensitive but keeps a straight face to hurtful things. Net is also fond of horror movies but is very sqeamish when it comes to gore.

Genderbend:Ned Code,is her genderbend yet he has a more out there attitude.

Fun Fact:Net's full name is a meme much to her displeasure.As NET CODE does refer to gaming code as the voice provider enjoys video games. She says "anyways" after her sentences as she speaks quickly.

Character items: Her endless notebook,she can be seen writing in it everywhere but no one knows what she writes or has in it. If anyone attemps to touch her notebooks she will use her "notebook attack" in which she will hit you with it. Her cat "Carlton" he is a black american short hair.