Japanese: 紀恵 - ノリエ - のりえ - NORiE
紀恵 / ノリエ / のりえ / NORiE (No-ree-ay) - Inlet of Benevolence
MODEL: NV-0001
GENDER Presumably Female VOICE RANGE Approximately C6/C#6 - C3/B2 (F3~A#4 according to PC UTAU) RELATED
Due to the fact there are possibly thousands of NORiEs, her relationships are based on the user
AGE Assumed to be 16 GENRE Pop, ballad, EDM HOMEPAGE N/A
WEIGHT 4lbs / 1.81437kg CHARACTER ITEM USB cord CREATOR Uu-hime




BIRTHDAY September 8th, 2014 LIKES people, singing, bookshelves, boxes, going outside, animals, gardening, playing dress up, and sitting on other’s shoulders. MEDIA LIST YouTube


RELEASE DATE December 27th, 2014 DISLIKES being alone, being called Nori (“glue”), weather that isn’t sunny or windy, and food (because she can’t enjoy it with her human counterparts). SIGNATURE SONG N/A

NORiE was released by an independent company known as Nimcone Tech as a new type of android “helper”, meant to plug into her owner’s computer and help them with whatever issues they had. They also programed NORiE to work without using her USB cord to accompany humans by doing what they could do; walk, talk, show emotion, store memories, and sleep. She was never meant to get into singing, but, if allowed out too often, she begins to copy her surroundings and act more “human-like”. However, NORiE also began to become sloppy with what she does when this happens—resulting in her making a mess rather than cleaning it up or, in a few rare cases, breaking the computer when trying to help. Many people enjoyed her singing voice so much that they began to purchase their own for this reason but complained constantly about her mischievous ways. This resulted in a boost of interest in NORiE, but after listening to their customers, NORiE was discontinued as a helper, but was rereleased for the sole purpose of being a virtual singer.

Personality: NORiE is very curious and constantly wants to know more about the world—sometimes to points where she needs to be watched over like a small child. NORiE is also very friendly and playful and very much enjoys social settings. Though she has a kind heart, she also has quite a bit of an ego similar to that of a himedere, where she believes she should be treated like a princess and that everyone else is just a peasant of some sort. Once NORiE clicks with her master, she will not leave them no matter how horribly they treat her. In a sense, NORiE is like a pet, but a bit bigger and more human.


NorIe is beauts
NORiE concept art
Hair color: White, short and curly
Eye color: Dark grey
Headgear: Her headset appears to be black horns that curl on the sides of her head, the left has her microphone and both sides have headphones inside of them
Other: Two, medium sized, hovering pink rings that glow around her wrists and her ankles
Dress/Outfit: Appears to be a spring looking dress with a pink galaxy pattern on it, a black waist band that ties around her waist with a silver belt buckle
Shoes: Barefoot

Voicebank download

ACT2.1 - CV (Also referred to as "PINK" or "CORE")

Download from MediaFire

UTAU and UTAU-Synth compatible.

Flag information in the readme is out of date. Does best with c35h20y10 and occasionally br 15 and g+2 or g-2 and preutterance and overlap at 75-90 depending on the song

Demo - Double Lariat

PURPLE - CVC English

Download from MediaFire

UTAU and UTAU-Synth compatible. Information on flags is inside of the readme

Demo - ROSES

Terms of Use

What you can do with NORiE:

  • Create original songs or covers with her
  • Draw fan art of her
  • Have an UTAU, VOCALOID, or any other voice synthesis engine sing with her
  • Hold concerts using her

What you can't do with NORiE:

  • Redistribute or sell her voice bank or anything with her image
  • Use her for any songs or create fan art of her that is considered offensive. That includes work that is sexually explicit (such as The Fox’s Wedding, Gomenne Gomenne, Chaosmaid, etc—but suggestive themes, such as GAME OVER, Masked BitcH, and One Way Route are acceptable), racist, sexist, blasphemous, religious (excluding Christmas carols), or otherwise dangerous activities (self harm, excessive drinking, smoking, excessive drug use, etc)
  • Use her to make another voice bank or create an UTAU in her image
  • Program her to work for any other voice synthesis engine

What you need permission to do with NORiE

  • Sell anything using NORiE’s appearance or voice
  • Edit her oto.ini file
  • Create a FANloid with her image (but please do NOT use her voice if this is your intention)

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