(Japanese: 中村星子 - Nakamura Hoshiko)
中村 (Nakamura - Middle Village)

星子 (Hoshiko - Star Child)



AGE Unspecified (Seems 15-16) GENRE Unspecified HOMEPAGE
WEIGHT 130 lbs CHARACTER ITEM None CREATOR ButterySnailCakes
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'6" feet (167 cm) VOICE SOURCE ButterySnailCakes PICTURE LINK LIST None at the Moment
BIRTHDAY Unspecified LIKES naps, the night sky MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE July 27,2013 DISLIKES people who always panic, mornings SIGNATURE SONG None

PERSONALITY: (You don't have to follow it. It's just what I think she'd be like. =w=) She's very cheerful and socialable. She's a big sister type to those younger than her, even if it annoys them. For the most part, she's carefree and doesn't tend to worry even when things seem to be falling apart. Sometimes she seems out of it and in her own world, but she'll snap out of it, especially if you need to talk to her about something important.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Dark Blue
Headgear: A star-shaped hair tie
Eye color: Blue
Dress/Outfit: A dark blue sleeveless shirt with a yellow collar and edges, darker blue pants with somewhat detailed pockets, blue and yellow gloves that reach up to her biceps, blue and yellow shoes with a barely noticeable zipper in the back.

Voice Configuration

Hoshiko was recorded with Oremo. She is a CV single pitch voice bank for the time being. She is romaji encoded with hiragana alias. The only language her VB supports is Japanese, though she doesn't have the accent quite down. I haven't had any problems using several resamplers with her, but that's just me. I don't know a lot about Macs, so she may or may not be compatible.

V1.0 CV Japanese  (B0H10Y0 are the preferred flags.)

Usage Clause

Simply do not use her for offensive purposes. This means do not make her sing songs that seem to hate against a certain race or group. (I'm not sure if such songs even have usts created, so you should be in the clear and not have to worry about this.)

Do not claim her as your own. (That should be common sense and I don't see why you would when you can make your own utauloid.)

Do not pitch her. (EVER. She doesn't sound like a true male when pitched down anyway. If you want a genderbend, lower the octave and use the flag g+18.)

Do not use her if profit would be involved. (Don't make her sing an original and then sell it. I'm not sure why anyone would, but apparently it needs to be said?)

All content on this page was written by the creator of this utauloid. Please do not edit. This page will definitely be edited later by the creator.

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