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Name: 波 (nami) - wave || あずみ (azumi) - just a name

Azumi's birthday is in the summer. 7.6. That's why her last name is wave. People swim in oceans in summer, and in oceans there are waves. Azumi is three years older than Fuyu Keiichi, her best friend.

Azumi is about 166cm and her weight is 51kg. She doesn't like Keiichi watching H.O.T.D., because it is an ecchi anime. She loves to take care if Keiichi's dog, Sora.

She does not have a character item, but she does have a colour. Purple.

Related characters are Fuyu Keiichi(best friend), Yume Aiiko(childhood friend), Kamine Kuro(childhood friend), Menma from AnoHana(idol) and her parents.

Some people say Keiichi and Azumi look cute together, with that massive height difference.


Azumi has brown sideswept hair(in the picture). She has purple eyes and she often smiles. She wears a black top, purple girlish tie around her neck, dark grey skirt with a purple stripe in the bottom, long black socks and normal black shoes. Her clothes are like school uniform.


Azumi is loud and caring tsundere. She judges everything befoure getting to know them. But once she knows someone well, she'll do anything to protect them. Azumi is a bit boyish, but still she acts like a fancy lady.

Voice Configuration

Her voicebank is by sani-chan(creator of Fuyu Keiichi).

Downloads and Links


Art gallery (not-so-much-azumis)  

If some of the links don't work, please contact sani-chan (dA: maxwelljay YT: Glombrox) 'or me, otaku2(wikia).

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