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Nami Kisisine's Story.

you should zoom in on this.

Nami Kisisine.

All About Nami Kisisine

I Am Nami Kisisine. 

Likes:  Mac And Cheese BFF Kiki Nuisine Ihascupquake

Hates: Skydoesminecraft, Puzzles

Friends: Teto Kasane Momo Momone Defoko and Miku Hatsune also Emily Nightbreaker

LOVES: Wizard101 Pirate101 Monkey Quest

Youtube Name: Nightshadescarletwiz

Nami Kisisine's Story

Scarlet was a normal girl, one day she went on a walk and she saw a unusual

machine with a girl in it (Momo Momone) she jumped in to examine 

the girl was unconcuious so she tried to wake her up when she started changing

into Nami Kisisine and forgot her memories and new memories were created,

she forgot her name then a new name came, Nami Kisisine.

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