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Nana Akineko

Nana Akineko

(Japanese: ナナあきねこ, Nana Akineko)

ALIAS: none

Aki means autnum and fall, and neko means cat. Nana's name means autnum cat.

TYPE: Nano-Ne

MODEL: Nana-8 Nana as in seven, and 8 as in October, which is in the fall. (Aki)

GENDER Female VOICE RANGE 'G'-2 to G-6 (Meant to sing mid-high to high songs.) RELATED CHARACTERS

Kage Mika (Friend)

Sakura tsukine (Friend)

AGE 13 GENRE Jazz, Rock (Made to sing rock songs; too loud for quiet songs and too "boring" for pop songs) HOMEPAGE Nana Akineko's Fansite
WEIGHT '95' lb CHARACTER ITEM Chocolate Bar and Pumpkin cake CREATOR Hannah Ryan





Chocolate, pumpkins, yarn, naps, hugs, Kagamine Rin

RELEASE DATE 10-13-11 DISLIKES People who think they are better than her SIGNATURE SONG Muddy Cloud
PERSONALITY: Nana is a loud, tomboy-ish girl that is secretly yandere. She wants to marry Kagamine Rin and enjoys running. She is obnoxious but sweet and likes to dance. She practices her trumpet all the time and loves to make faces at people and occasionally she'll pick a fight with other UTAUs.

Supplimental Information

Hair Color: Pink, and her ears and tail are black

Eye Color: Brown

Earphones: She has a little brown bow attatched to her headphones, but the headphones aren't visible. Just the bow.

Dress/outfit: Nana has a strapless dress that is orange with a pleated skirt. The bottom of the pleats is yellow. She wears an apron with lace edges and an orange rhinestone over the dress. She has knee-high boots with two strings coming out of each boot. At the end of the string there is a yellow cotton ball. She has those things on her arms like the ones Miku has. The tops of them are lined with yellow lace and the bottoms of them have a yellow stripe.

Other: She has soft black cat ears and a cat tail.

Natonality/race: Korean, Filipino, and German, but can sing in English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and German.

Voice Configuration

Her voice is kind of like a mixture of Luka and Rin's. It is very sweet sounding. Nana has a "Scary append" that hasn't been released yet and a sweet append that you can download on her fansite. She sounds best is mid-fast, upbeat songs, and she sounds amazing in rock. We are working on a heavy metal version for her. You can download her on her fansite.

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