Nanamiya Kaguma

Type : VENOMloid

Model : Ze-031

Gender Male Voice Range G2~C#4 Related Character Leneko (Brother)

Zeke (Big Bro)

Rainy (Friend)

Age 13 Genre ANY (except sexuality


Homepage V I R U S
Weight 38kg Character Item sword , ribbon and a "charm" Creator V I R U S
Height 178cm Voice Source V I R U S Picture Link List -
Birthday 17/5 Likes Silence , his brother Zeke , calm scenery , enjoy hearing songs alone or with his brother Zeke Media List coming soon
Release Date 17/9/2015 Dislikes Peanuts , Bullies , Someone try to hurt Zeke , Destruction Signature Song VCV example:

Mind Brand

PERSONALITIES : Kaguma is the younger brother of Zeke, despite being taller than he is. He likes dark colors, a complete opposite of his brother's favorite color. He is cheerful, funny and talkative when he is around Zeke and his other close buddies. He will be calm, soft and sharp when he is talking to others.

STORY BEHIND HIS NAME : He was adopted by the Nanamiya Family when his parents died in an abnormal accidents. His original family name was Himashoku, which is known as the "the brave and peaceful" clan

Supplemental Information

Hair : Dark Purple

Eyes : purple

Inner Shirt : white

Shirt : Purple

Head Gear : none

Pants : black

Shoes : black

Race : Human

Nationality / Races : Malaysian-Japanese

Voice Configuration

Contains CV , supports romaji and hiragana

VCV in a process of OTO-ing


CV ACT2 Strong :

VCV ACT2 Strong :

Flags : Y0P99B0H0C99BRE0B15g+15( <--- THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT )

if you don't use the flags above , the voice will be Zeke's voice instead.

Related Character

  • Leneko (brother)
  • Reneko (sister )
  • Naine Eito ( Fellow VENOMloid )
  • Toki Imo ( Fellow VENOMloid )
  • Leon ( Fellow VENOMloid )
  • Yarui Munegi ( Fellow VENOMloid )
  • Nanamiya Zeke ( Fellow VENOMloid - Beloved Brother )
  • Rainy Hizami ( Fellow VENOMloid )
  • Len Kagamine (idol)
  • Teto Kasane (idol)


  • He loves his big brother, Zeke, a lot.
  • He is really close to Rainy.
  • He hates peanuts due to have choked on it once.
  • He loves any genre of songs and enjoys listening to music alone or with his brother, Zeke.
  • He is taller than his Zeke.
  • He loves cats.
  • he loves to fight using his sword.

Usage Clause

Read his full term of use here (downloads are included there too , will be updated if there's new voicebanks:-

p.s. yes it is Zeke's official page , Kaguma's voice are from Zeke. You just need to put the Flags given above so you can change Zeke's voice become Kaguma.

  • NEVER claim the character as yours.
  • ALLOWED to be used freely.
  • DO NOT do anything to damage the character's name or image.
  • Please CREDIT THE CREATOR once you've used the character or the voicebank.
  • Permission is encouraged. do ask me here
  • Solos/Duets/Choruses are ALLOWED.
  • Permission to use him in Role Plays (RP) is COMPULSARY.

If one is caught breaking the rules,please REPORT to the creator IMMEDIATELY.

This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character V I R U S ( aka. Nanamiya Zeke / Nabila Hani ) .Please DO NOT change anything here without his permission.


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