Original Drawing Of Naomi

Biographical Information

Name: Naomi Hanashiro

Age: 17 (170)

Series: Fan made

Occupation: Singer

Physical Description

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Dark Red

Hair Color: Dark Grey (Curly Twin-Tails)

Hair Length: Medium

Body Type: Curvy

Race: Japanese

Weight: 58 kg

Height: 173 cm (5'6)

Outfit: Red shirt, White tie, Black Skirt, Black and Red Arm Cuffs (Sometimes), Black and White Knee High Boots

Species: Vampire

Character Item: Red Velvet Cake

Catchphrase: "love is forever."

Technical Information

Voice: Soft/ Medium-High

Genre: Pop, Alternative

Tempo: Medium, Fast, Slow




Easily Angered

Hates Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid)







Likes Leon and Kaito

Background Story

Naomi Hanashiro was born on June 24, 1844 in Japan. Soon after she was born, her parents and her moved to England for a new job. She live a good life until she moved back to Japan in 1861 after her parents divorced. Her father completely ignored her and work became his #1 priority. Naomi was used to it and didn't really mind. Then, one day her father left to go on a business trip to France. He didn't return for a week. When he came back, he was a totally different person. He was almost excited when he saw Naomi. But something was different. His canine teeth were very sharp.Her father had become a ravenous vampire. Naomi tried to run but her father quickly ran towards her and bit her. Almost 1 second later, he was gone. Leaving his daughter in the corner of the living room, slowly transforming into her eternal state. Ever since, Naomi has lived by herself wishing to find a family that would except her for was she is. A Vampire.

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