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As the first sucessful LIVEloid, Naru Sake is the first UTAU vocal synthesiser to be given a live human body. Created in 2010 and made public in 2012, she is the main Utau of aka-luna-13, also named Kotori Tsuno.
Sake commission

Photo by Znapple-star


Name Meaning

Naru: Change

Sake: Beer/Salmon

Type: LIVEloid
Gender: Female Voice: C4 Related People:

Naru Saki(Sister)

Naru Saka(Brother)

Tsuno Kotori (Mom, Voice Provider)

Gini Shadow (friend)


Age: 17 Genre: Trance/Dance Homepage: None
Weight: 125 lbs Item: Salmon/Bows Creator: Tsuno Kotori
Height: 5'8 ft Voice: Tsuno Kotori Picture List
Birthday April 16, 2010 Likes: writing songs, reading her mother's diary, food shopping, and baking Media:
Release Date November 16, 2012 Dislikes: Coffee, Skirts, being looked down for being a girl, and hair Signiture Song Tune Rei Ichi Nana (not released)


Having a shattered past, with her only biological family being her brother and sister, she's grown up to be a responsible women who you could trust anything with. She is a LIVEloid, which means she has a human body. The body is the first-born of Tsuno Kotori's (Me!) triplets before Kotori died; all of the children were born brain dead. She is also currenty single, but has no intrest in a relationship. Unfortunately she also has little to no friends because of this reason. For the Mobian Past, her programming was discovered and converted into a hologram, much like Nicole's.

Apperance and Miscellaneous Info


Her theme is pink and purple. Her accesories include sunglasses attached to her headset and a big bow on the back of her belt. She has grey eyes and dark brown hair.

Miscellaneous Info

Nationality: Japanese/Mobian

Birthplace: Modern-day Mexico

Race: Caucasian

Alignment: Undetermined

Size: D

Mobian Details

YsOA(Years of Activation): 5

Species: Horned Frog

Height: 3'5

Weight: 86 lbs


Japanese Voicebank (hirigana and romaji):

MMD Model: Coming Soon!

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