'Natsuhe Kimu '' 'なつへ きむ

Natsuhe Kimu


Natsuhe Kimu

Name Interpretation:

Kim Summer

Visual Representations:

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Voicer's Website:










UTAUloid Version Number:


UTAUloid Version Number In Standard English:

Three point zero

Known Languages:

Japanese, English

Character Item:

Allium Ampeloprasum


Five feet and two inches a hundred and fifty eight centimeters tall


Ninety two point four pounds forty two killograms


Sixteen years of age

Date Of Birth:

July sixteenth, twenty fourteen


Natsuhe Kimu is a lively teenage girl who is not afraid to sing whatever you throw her way, no matter how good or bad it may sound.  She loves singing happy upbeat songs, but when she feels sombre, you wont have to look far at all to find her, sitting in a corner somewhere, singing away her sorrows.

Supplemental Information:

Natsuhe Kimu has white skin.  She has turquoise blue hair.  Her shirt is a sleeveless silver jacket with a turquoise V necked tank top underneath.  She wears just above the kneecap length shorts.  She never wears any shoes, because she thinks that she looks highly attractive when she performs barefoot concerts.  Her catchphrase is, わたし、 わ、 いちばん おひめ”, which roughly translates to English as, “I am the best princess”.


Natsuhe Kimu is not in any way related to or based off of VOCALOID Hatsune Miku; for that would be against the UTAU Wiki policy!

Her voice providers name romanizes to Tsujiha Kashi. 

She sings very good opera.

Her voice bank was not created through standard syllable by syllable recording.  Instead, an extended series of clips of Kashi singing were recorded, and then they were divided up into individual phonemes.  After this division, the respective phonemes were joined together into diaphones to form Japanese syllables.

You can still access the individual phonemes to have Kimu speak or sing them at any time in UTAU, simply by entering their correct file names into any spot where you want lyrics.

Natsuhe Kimus oto.inis dont need to have been completed to get high quality sound out of her.

All you need to do is compose your song as normal, and when youre done, select all the notes, go to Region Properties, and set the overlap to twenty five milliseconds.

The above method works for any UTAU-loid whose oto.inis havent been created yet.  Go ahead: try it for yourself!

To get her to sing in her most natural sounding voice, make sure to enter the flags F0B0H0Y0g0 in the flags box under Project Properties.

Voice Configuration:

Natsuhe Kimu was encoded using Romaji.  In fact, all Tribaloids in her series were.  However, there are a slew of other phonemes that do not use standard Romaji spellings, that were made in case you want her to sing in another language, such as English.

Bonus Features:

There is one awesome feature that is available as of Sunday Octobre The Twenty Eighth Of Twenty Twelve. Starting sometime between then and the Friday before, any already released Tribaloid can be downloaded either to be used with Retro Sound Recorder, OR with UTAU!  A new feature that is available as of Friday Novembre Twenty Third Of Twenty Twelve can be used to fix any and all glitches in said Tribaloids voicebank: The Dictionary Editor! This new feature, made to be used with Retro Sound Recorder, which is included in the Dictionary Editor's compressed slash zipped folder, is an exciting new feature that essentially enables you to add words to a Tribaloids voicebank, sound by sound, enabling you to save any group of sounds to a wav file, which can then be coppied over to her voicebank and rendered as a frequency map. These new words can thus be used in Utau. Technically, this means that you can make the Tribaloid in question speak fluent English, even if with a strong Japanese accent. You may notice that when adding words to the dictionary, the pitches of the sounds can be all over the place. Well, don't worry! Utau can automatically adjust ALL of the sounds in added words to the pitch you place the word at in the Utau editor. This means that you should experience little to no problems when setting  the Tribaloids pitches when it comes to certain sounds within those words being off key or noisily staticy. One thing you must pay attention to when using the dictionary editor though: If you are adding a word that starts with a consonent, for some reason, you HAVE TO make sure that you CREATE THE FIRST SYLLABLE BACKWARDS, INSURING THAT YOU USE THE INSERT FUNCTION FOR EVERY SOUND FROM THE FIRST CONSONENT TO THE FIRST VOWEL IN REVERSE ORDER, WITHOUT PRESSING THE PLAY BUTTON. AFTER you've created the first syllable BY ENTERING ITS PHONETIC ORDER BACKWARDS WITH THE INSERT FUNCTION, THEN YOU MAY HIT THE PLAY BUTTON TO GO TO THE END OF THE WORD, WHERE AFTER YOU MAY ENTER THE REST OF THE WORD FORWARDS, BY ENTERING EACH SOUND AND THEN USING THE PLAY BUTTON TO BOTH PREVIEW THE SOUND AND GET TO THE END OF THE WORD, SO THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO STRUGGLE DOING LITERALLY EVERYTHING BACKWARDS. Another thing you must know is that if you are creating english words, you MUST USE THE SHORT VOWEL SOUND LENGTHS PROVIDED IN THE PROGRAM. IF YOU USE THE LONG ONES FOR WORDS THAT CONTAIN MORE THAN ONE SYLLABLE AND OR THAT DON'T END IN VOWELS, THE WHOLE WORD WILL NOT BE HEARD IN UTAU! Other than that, you should be set to go. Oh yeah, and one more thing: PLEASE IGNORE RETRO SOUND RECORDER'S MESSAGE ABOUT A REGISTRY ERROR, FOR IT DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR USE OF THE DICTIONARY EDITOR OR any Tribaloids RSR VOICEBANK. Windows Vista and 7 users are the ones who will most likely see said error. Those who use earlier operating systems most often shouldn't suffer any annoyances.

Download Link:

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