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Natsuki Teme 2 (2)
Gender: Female but she is very tomboyish Voicerange: Unknown at the moment Related Characters: Piko Utatane (her idol)
Age: ~ 20 Genre: Anything that sounds beautiful be it screamo or classical Homepage:


Weight: 75lbs (due to her aluminum frame) Character item: Striped Socks Creator: hieigirl22
Height 5'2" (she is japanese afterall) Voice source hieigirl22 Picture list none yet
Birthday: March 18, 2012 LIkes: Otaku paraphenelia, stuffed animal, things named Tom Media List
Release Date: Yet to be released Dislikes: Things named after her old love (Zaki-kun) Signature song I=fantasy ( more has yet to be released)

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