Name Meaning:

Naze (なぜ): why

Sofuto (ソフト): soft or software


GENDER No canon gender, but appears female. VOICE RANGE E3~A4'' RELATED CHARACTERS|

Valli Lefevre- Friend


189 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE First song released here: [1]
WEIGHT Approx 136 kg CHARACTER ITEM Brass goggles CREATOR Katriane V.
BIRTHDAY September 26th, 1824 LIKES Brass and copper toys MEDIA LIST TBA
RELEASE DATE September 26th, 2013 DISLIKES Broken toys SIGNATURE SONG Electric Angel
PERSONALITY: Naze Sofuto is an electronic automaton built in 1824. As an automaton, she is virtually genderless, but appears female. Thus she comes with a male voice and a female voice; however, the male voice is still slightly high pitched and younger sounding (think Len Kagamine-style). She was never told of her purpose; hence the name Naze ("why" in Japanese). Her last name can mean either "soft" or "software", as she as an automaton with a softer sounding voice. She has a prosthetic skin covering most of her body, excluding her right arm, which is made of a combination of bronze and copper. She runs on steam and oil, and, being full of heavy metals, weighs approximately 300 pounds. When out of steam/oil, she shuts down promptly. Naze has a soft voice and is rather laid back. Naze is also programmed with a rather childish personality; she can be lighthearted and enjoys playing with children's toys.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Silver with gold edges.

Headgear: Brass goggles, which are also part of her headset.

Eye color: Bright copper/gold

Other: She is capable of blushing a shade of gold.


Naze Sofuto Photo/Art credit to

Dress/Outfit: Her top and boots are made mostly of brass and leather, while her skirt is made of simple satin with lace trim. Her tie and bow are also satin. She wears faux gold bangles around her upper arm (3 on each). There is also a cap in her hair for refilling oil, and she wears oriental style chopsticks as other hair decor. 

Nationality/Race: She was manufactured in Germany, though her creators were Japanese.

Voice Configuration

Naze is currently only configured in CV. She comes with hiragana aliases. She is intended for Japanese; however, in her sample file she can be heard introducing herself in English. ("Hello, I am Naze Sofuto.")

Naze's default voice is her male counterpart. Use the flags g-7 to get her desired female voice.

Naze Sofuto and her creator are currently on a temporary hiatus. Usage of her voicebank is still permitted.

Act One

Usage Clause

Rules for Naze Sofuto's songs and voicebank are listed below.

Mature/Inappropriate contents:

Naze Sofuto's voicebank is not to be used for anything relating to hentai without the creator's permission. Please keep it PG-13 or under if you are to use her. Anything relating to rape is not okay and users breaking this rule will be reported and handled accordingly.


Cover art for Naze's WANDERLAST

Commerical Use:

Naze Sofuto's VB and/or artwork is not for commercial use.


Fanart: Fanart including Naze Sofuto are especially encouraged, as long as you keep it PG-13.

Songs: Please do not sell any MP3/WAV/other sound files or claim them as your own.

PITCHLOIDS/FAILLOID ECT: Pitchloids/Failloids of Naze Sofuto are prohibited.

Political/Religious Content:

Naze Sofuto is not intended for religious or political use.


Thank you for using/experiencing Naze Sofuto.

Look in her VB download for more information.

Thank you!

Some details are based on existing information and usage experience. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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