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(Japanese: 根城火災  - Nejiro Kasai)


ネ ヂ ロ (Nejiro; from 根城, Pun for Nijiro)

カ サ イ (Kasai; from 火災, meaning Fire)

TYPE: UTAUloid & Genderbend





C#3 ~ C5


Nijiro Kasai (Genderbend, Also as His Crush)

AGE 18 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE Dienna Yuki's Youtube Channel

147 Lbs

(67 kg)

CHARACTER ITEM Crab Stick & Machine Gun CREATOR Dienna Yuki

5'11" feet

(180 cm)

VOICE SOURCE Nijiro Kasai PICTURE LINK LIST DeviantartFacebook Fans Page
BIRTHDAY April 07 LIKES Nijiro Kasai, Sports, Crab Stick, Teasing His Genderbend, Playing a Games, Hang out with a Friends, Singing with All Vocaloids and Utauloids MEDIA LIST



RELEASE DATE April 25. 2015 DISLIKES Math, Someone Who Hates Him, Yandere & Psychopath Person SIGNATURE SONG NONE

He is a Quiet and Cold on outside sometimes. But in the inside, He is very flirty and lovingly person. He Loves to teasing his Genderbend when he is bored. Sometimes he is pervert and naughty, but he will conscious after doing his mistakes. He tries to be a Coolest guy and Kind Person and doing best for him and for others.

Nejiro Kasai New Official Art

Nejiro Kasai New Official Art 2017

Supplemental Information


Hair Color: Auburn / Flaming Red

Hair Style: Slicked Hair

Headgear: None

Eye Color: Blue

Earphone: Starlite Earphone (Black and White Color)

Dress: White Sleeveless Shirt, Black Pants, Black tie, Black Fingerless Glove, Red Sleeveless Hoodie, & Sneaker Boots

Nationality/Race: Indonesian-Japanese

Character Relations

Megurine Luki (Idol)

Felixier (Friend, sometimes Nejiro is jealous when Nijiro is talking with Felixier)

Chrisilla Rei (Close Friend)

Cecep & Lilis (Close Friend)

Lenni & Rini (Friend)

Kia Izumi & Kio Izumi (Friend)

Shuarane Eena (Friend)

Reinn Nieve (Close Friend)


  • He's Created at February 16, 2014
  • He's loves to duet with his Genderbend and All Vocaloids & All UTAU
  • He's a kindhearted person
  • He's loves to compliment with a person.
  • He has a crush with His Genderbend, Nijiro Kasai
  • He's able to read the other people's mind
  • He has a skills (teleport, "Ba Ji Quan" martial arts)
  • Though he hates Math, he can calculating a number correctly
  • He will use the Machine Gun when he i s being attacked by someone


Nejiro Kasai's MMD Model still Work In Progress

Voice Configuration

Nejiro's voice is achieved by applying the parameter g+10 or g+13 (For More Powerful & Manly Voice) to any voicebanks of Nijiro Kasai.

Certified True and Correct From Nejiro Kasai Creator, Dienna Yuki or Dina.

~Dienna Yuki

Fanarts by Other Artist

Nejiro Kasai by. Afifatus Sholihah

Nejiro Kasai by. Afifatus

Nejiro Kasai Append by.Afifatus

Nejiro Kasai V4x by. Afifatus

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