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this is my utau

UTAU Name Neko Wilfred99
Age 14 years
height 169 cm.
weight 58 kg.
family neko alice99
hobby likes to play, make jokes, sleep, walk and dance
curiosities in sometimes appear without neko ears and others with a patch over his eye, the funny thing is that his other eye is red and the other side is not known whether red or another color
other appearances UTAUS has some 96neko appearance, some think it's her, but this is another UTAU.

Neko wilfred99 was created in mexico, its creation date is February 22, which appears in June 18 with the Reon song, which is sung by the vocaloid megurine luca, although missing some settings in your voicebank, wilfred99 is a neko neko UTAU.

About Neko wilfred99

Well, the next issue is a new UTAU called: neko wilfred99, created in March 12, but the creator put the date of his birthday the day February 22.

Latest activity

  • appearance on June 18 with the song reon
  • appears with the UTAU Raiex song matryoshka making the day July 14.
  • is still modifying the voicebank by some errors in the voice
Neko wilfred99 ft Raiex Matryoshka ~UTAU~03:23

Neko wilfred99 ft Raiex Matryoshka ~UTAU~


  • Neko wilfred99 Reon UTAU-004:00

    Neko wilfred99 Reon UTAU-0


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