【Gaap】 ODDS & ENDS 【UTAUカバー】05:55

【Gaap】 ODDS & ENDS 【UTAUカバー】

This is his first full song debut. Enjoy.

Gaap Design

Gaap's Design as of now.

I am proud to present my second UTAU that I have made. Gaap. Yes I know it's a furry, but I am a furry as well so deal. Here is a sample of Gaap's voicebank.

The video sample will be up soon. 

If you wish to use Gaap then please contact me and I will send you a download link to his voicebank. I am going to be holding on to his VB tightly for I do not want anyone misusing him and such. You can contact me on here as CodeAltered, on skype as kei.shion, and on youtube as JunIazawa


The voice provider for this voicebank was JunIazawa on youtube.

The person who oto'd most of the voicebank was Quaver on youtube.

Strong points: Medium tempo'd songs. C4-C5 are the best range. Has a HQ sound to it.

Good with only TIPS and an updated Resampler.

Character Information

  • Name: Gaap
  • Age: Around 15 to 16
  • Race: Skunk mixed with a Fox.
  • Favorite Color: Neons
  • Character Item: A Gardenia and a DeathBell
  • Has no existing family relations

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