DenzuSilvery is a fan made UTAUloid. Her voice actress Denise, A.K.A. Denzu, is known for her MMD fan videos.

About Denzu

DenzuSilvery is based off of her real counterpart.

DenzuSilvery is an UTAU. She was made because the voice actress behind the UTAUloid hated her own voice, so one day when looking around the internet she came across the UTAU software. The girl that produced DenzuSilvery's voice then started to look up tutorials on how to make her own UTAUloid, since she was a fan of the Vocaloid franchise. This was a perfect opportunity for her.

DenzuSilvery was made with mods found on various websites. The colour scheme comes from Denise's love of the colour pink and cyber rose.

Picking the name for the UTAUloid was easy. She wanted to be connected with her cyber counterpart, so Denise looked up her name in Japanese. It was 'Denisu'. She was not entirely happy with the name, so she changed it. She changed some of the letters around. It was about a month into the creation when Denise came up with the name DenzuSilvery.

You can find DenzuSilvery's work on the various links below


Deviant Art:

Denzu's new voicebank is called XO. Her O]original voicebank which cannot be found was called the 'Glitched Reincarnation'. Denise wanted her UTAUloid to sound like she was about to glitch, so she added several mistakes to the voicebank, making it very unique compared to the other UTAUoids that try to be more perfect.

Voicebank downlaod

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