Name: Sato Koe

Name meaning: Sugar Voice

Made by: Re-C

Made in: 2012 feb 8th

Utau of: Piko Utatane

History: I made this utau by complete mistake. I was working on luka's voice of " Just be frinds her song" I wanted to make a utau out of her voice you see and make it higher. But I also had Piku singing just be frinds to. I clicked on the wrong " Just be friends" not knowing it was Piku after playing the song. I liked the voice so much I made my sister draw a picure of the Utau. At first I named Sato Hana ( meaning flowor ) but then I learned that there was a lot of utau's that had Hana in there name changing her name to Sato.

About Sato: She has two older sister's Oro the oldest and Sofutoe the middle child. Sato is 14 years old but looks younger then her age. She's quite but loves to help out. She gets curious though. She likes spying on her older sister Oro ( and getting her in trouble ). She has a pet lamb named Momo Sato ( Meaning Sugar Peach ) and she likes to eat Gummy bears.

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