Nico (2017 concept design!)
Nico Caramelle

Nico: Short for Nicholas/Nicola. Caramelle: from "caramel."
TYPE: PokiPoid
MODEL: 002
GENDER Male VOICE RANGE Feasible: F3~G#4 (can go higher though) RELATED
Tafune Kiira (best friend), Marina Haley Bay (friend)
AGE 13 (initial release); 15 (current) GENRE Any, really! HOMEPAGE N/A
WEIGHT 120.4lb. (~54.6kg) CHARACTER ITEM None really, but could be caramel candy! CREATOR PoniPoki
HEIGHT 5'3" (~160cm) VOICE SOURCE PoniPoki PICTURE LINK LIST Not available
BIRTHDAY March 13 LIKES His friends, musical theatre, singing, sweet foods MEDIA LIST N/A
RELEASE DATE N/A DISLIKES Negativity, difficult schoolwork, loneliness SIGNATURE SONG I=Fantasy is the only released song with him :/
ADDITIONAL INFO: Currently unavailable.