Nicky's old design

Name Interpretation: English girl name. She likes to be called Nicky

Type: UTAUloid

Model: Unknown

Gender: Female

Voice Range: ?

Age: 22

Genre: Any


Related Character: Jasmine (cousin), Jackie (cousin), Kotomi (cousin), Kacey, Akio, Akira, Tadashi

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Character item: Doesn't have one yet

Creator: Tiana Koopa/TianaKoopa1

Voice Source: bonitisy

Birthday: May 26

Release date: May 26

Likes: Singing, dancing, playing with kids

Dislikes: Getting annoyed, rude people, perverts

Personality: Helpful, kind, can be hyper at times PLEASE NOTE-- Even though Nicky is given a personality, you are free to make one up.

If you like to roleplay, you are free to roleplay as any of my UTAUs

Supplemental Information:

Hair Color: Brown with green highlights

Eye Color: Brown

Dress: A black shirt, blue jeans, and green and gray boots

Headphones: None

Signature song:
UTAU Nicky

Nicky's new design

Voice Configuration

Her voicebank

I don't know if Nicky will get updated. I'm scared to ask bonitisy because I feel like I would annoy her. I might try to use her files to make a VCV voicebank for her in the future!


-Nicky is the first UTAU of mine not voiced by me or anyone in my family

-She loves to play with Jackie and Kotomi

-When Nicky isn't singing, she's with her friends

-She wishes her voice was better