Back Story

Niko Is a 15 year old teen who is voiced by Nico franks, Niko is a Canadian, Italian and Hungarian background, He is an elf who is from sprite land a village where Niko is from, He is based off his Voice provider with having the same looks and glasses, the comparison is almost looking in a Mirror. His look is inspired from his voice provider when during one summer he had a look similar like this one as Niko is Wearing. Niko is wearing a turquoise t-shirt, black shorts, light tan skin, Red headset, clear and blue glasses and Grey shoes. Niko is highly terrified of Cats. His release date is suppose to be for summer of 2018 but maybe post pone if errors occur in the making of Niko.

Niko's number is 15 based on his voice providers day when he was born, it is also his favourite number and he likes to show it off as a earning or prize.

Voice Banks

Currently Niko is in the process of being created and Updated, He currently stands at 0 voice banks as of Now.




Voice Provider's Youtube Channel-

Whats Upcoming?

Niko (Append)

Niko (Soft)

Niko (Power)

Niko (Deep)


Art work for Niko Append, Soft, Power, Deep and Niko-Mini)

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