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Nikolas Toraitengen

(Japanese: にこらす とらいてんげん)

Also known as Nobody. (Word game in Russian language – НИКолас ТОрайтенген = Никто)


Avier A (stalker)
Dareka Herowato (he often visit her pub)
Ronnir (Nikolas broke his heart)
Koetree Masuku ("big sister")

AGE look like 25-30 GENRE HOMEPAGE
WEIGHT 55 kg CHARACTER ITEM gun and a bunch of keys CREATOR emoPaladin (emoPaladin@DA , emoPaladin@YT)

1.80 m"


Leon Fomin (Adam Price)

BIRTHDAY July 03 LIKES Flowers of bird cherry, alcohol and complain about his life MEDIA LIST n/a
RELEASE DATE CV: January 01, 2016 DISLIKES Black humor SIGNATURE SONG Illusionist's Paradise

PERSONALITY: High-quality doctor, scientist.
Appearance the whole pleasant, except for the ulcers on the face. Typical europoid. On the breast has a small keyhole, on touching reacts particularly acute. He prefers closed clothes due to heightened sensitivity of the skin. Most often wears green sneakers, black pants / jeans and a white golf with the encrypted inscription "You're an asshole."
Knows Latin language and can speak it. Superpower - permanently drunk, however, and in this state, is able to think logically. He has a predilection for alcohol, in particular to red wine. Only in this way it is possible to talk at all with him.

Nikolas had a difficult life, and when he died in Shado, he became a disciple of NN. He studied well and learned a lot about Shado and mechanisms of green part. Then NN disappeared, and Nikolas found himself in the black tower.  He wasn't able to stand this, and tried to find calmness in alcohol. Due to this, he lost a lot of NN's drafts (and thanks to this, mechanisms and vehicles speaded into green part). At the top of his drinking bout Nikolas decided to revive his teacher, and started to learn all that he could about shadromancers. He did a lot of experiments, and almost all of them was a failure. Only one experiment sucseeded, and it was Abel. Now Nikolas rarely leaves the tower and spend almost all of his time with creating new mechanisms and strange potions. Abel is the only one alive creature, which lives with him in the tower. Nikolas seems to be a cold mysterious person, but truly he is sad and unlucky, always talking with boredom in his voice.

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CV [4shared] [mediafire] Sounds better with flags like Mt50.
VCV [4shared] [mediafire]
MMD model CV [4shared] [mediafire] Early beta. Better do not use.
MMD model VCV [4shared] [mediafire]

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