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Main Info


NiKORU Reference

UTAU Name :

  • NiKORU Kajetano

Real Name :

  • Nicole Loire Cayetano

Creator/Producer :

  • KOBALOiD Team
  • 0鵜匠0

Gender :

  • Unspecified, up to user to decide. Presumed female.

Voicer :

Type :


Model :

  • K-01, imprinted on left hand

Other Info

Illustrated by 0鵜匠0

Date Of Birth : 10/10/99

Media : YouTube ,NicoNicoDouga SoundCloud

Country of Origin : Philippines (PH)

Release Date : December 06,2011

Height : 5'3" ft.

Weight : 48 KG

Personal Info


  • Hair Color
  • ​Brown/Blonde
  • Headgear
  • ​mini-Top Hat
  • Eye Color
  • ​Green
  • Headphones
  • ​n/a
  • Dress
  • Brown steampunk-style vest,white collared shirt(with jabot and long sleeves), assorted shorts with clipped belts, long socks and thigh-level heeled long boots, white gloves.
  • Nationality
  • Filipino/Japanese
  • Character Item
  • Music Box/Jack in a Box for NiKO


  • Food
  • ​Takoyaki balls
  • Hobbies
  • ​Reading, Singing, Joking Around, Being Sarcrastic


  • Interaction
  • Being poked, stalked, and made fun of for no reason.
  • Hobbies
  • Dancing in public
  • Food
  • ​Giniling

Related UTAU

  • Niko Kajetano (NiKO) Older brother (​obtained by genderbending her voicebank with g+15/g+20 flags & TIPS resampler)
  • Ciel Sekaine (世界音シエル) Caretaker (they share the same voicer, yet sound really different)

Voice Configuration


  • Japanese (ACT2, released) (Listen to ACT2 Demo "DELY")
  • Tagalog (ACT3, beta ver, abandoned)


  • G#3-F#4


  • Alto-ish
  • Strong
  • Clear
  • Exotic
  • Strongly Accented
  • Boyish/Shota


Main VoiceBanks Download

Usage Rights,Notification Changes.etc(Updated)


  • Can Edit VoiceBank ONLY with permission to Author
  • Can Use VoiceBank without Crediting Author
  • Automatically Notified when VoiceBank Updates

Friends, Families, and Related UTAU Author's

  • Can Edit VoiceBank ONLY with permission to Author
  • Can Use VoiceBank with Crediting Author(KOBALOiD, 0鵜匠0, or Ushou)
  • Will NOT be Notified when VoiceBank Updates unless Subscribed to any Author Contacts


  • Can Edit VoiceBank ONLY with permission to Author
  • Can Use VoiceBank as long as you don't Claim the VoiceBank yours
  • Will be Notified with Contacts if subscribed

Note that R-18 content is permitted with these UTAUs. Regarding commercial use, please contact Pianodream.


Ushou UO , dA  , SoundCloud

PianoDream UO , dA , SoundCloud, Tumblr

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