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(Japanese: ミシカ二トミ - みしかにとみ - Mishika Nitomi)
ミシカ (Mishka; Little Bear; Russian)
二トミ (Nitomi; Random name)
TYPE: CatLoid/Poloid - Cat/Human, Polish, Russian-loid.
MODEL: CL16 - Catloid 16
GENDER MALE VOICE RANGE F2- C5; Sounds best around C3. RELATED CHARACTERS Mino Shinya (Crush).
Shika Raiu (W.E.E (Worst Enemy Ever)).
Yume Shinya (Friend/Compatriot).
RACE Human/cat
AGE 16 GENRE Everything is OK HOMEPAGE Gintaku's Page
WEIGHT 123 lbs (56 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Cooking Spoon, Russian Flag CREATOR Zosia (YT)
Misamassu (DA)



BIRTHDAY October 31, 1994 LIKES Mino, Cooking, Cats, Yaoi, Russia, Poland, Food, Vodka, Silver things MEDIA LIST NICOVIDEO
RELEASE DATE October 7, 2010 DISLIKES Raiu Shika, people trying to steal Mino from him, beards SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: He's usually a happy and cheerful person, but is also often seen depressed without a reason. He often looks and acts like a girl, and doesn't really care how others think about him. He shows great affection towards his boyfriend, Mino, and is not afraid to kill anyone who dares to hurt him. Nitomi is officially a trap, but only when he wears girly outfits.

Supplemental Information

Hair colour: Dark-Brown
Eye colour: Right;Green, Left;Blue
Color Scheme: White, blue, red, silver, brown
Outfit: Hoodie with the colors from left to right; red, blue, white. If you turn his hoodie 90° to left, you get the Russian flag. Between the colors there is a zipper. The hood itself is blue just like the middle color of the flag. He wears short dark-grey pants and flat boots with silver ribbons and shoelaces. His tail has a blue ribbon and his hoodie is sleeveless. Under his hoodie he can wear a T-shirt or other shirts that are silver-related.
Headphones:Black, white and Silver
History: Nitomi was taken away from his parents at the age of 6. They took him to a secret place in Russia where they trained him into a killer. His skills with a sniper are beyond perfection, and his extreme flexibility makes him even deadlier.

Voice Configuration

Nitomi's voicebank is diphonic.

Nitomi's latest voicebank (1.0) can be downloaded here; nmda10.rar

Notable Works

His first cover can be found here; Paradichlorebenzene

Details are based on existing information as provided by the author. The contents seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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