Noel chuckstern 

(Japanese: ノエル · チャックスターン - Noeru Chakkusutān)
ALIAS: Noel (regular nickname), Querillem (elemental codename), Finn (by mistake), Shion (by mistake), Infiniteus (former codename, translated as "Techno-Folkmaster" from hanamogera)
Noel - Christmas in French, comfort and/or wanderer in Hebrew
Chuckstern - Combination of the words “chuckster” and “stern”
TYPE: Humanoid AI (artificial intelligence) with earth element-type voice, commonly appearing in the persona of a joyful adventurer
GENDER Male VOICE RANGE Under C4 at lower octave (may go higher than the range but the result may be different) RELATED CHARACTERS

Kaiserine Sympherianne (female counterpart, "elder sister")
KAITO (idol)
MEIKO (idol)

AGE Unknown (commonly appears as a 20-year-old young man, though) GENRE Unspecified HOMEPAGE Fannoirletima
WEIGHT Unspecified CHARACTER ITEM Book of Illusionismhis magical golden Canariell Paradeiss fountain pen, Agent Ali (normal version and IRIS-controlled version) plushie set CREATOR lorreinegeralde@IRIS-SELECIA
HEIGHT 5’ 5.4" feet
(166 cm)
BIRTHDAY February 15th LIKES Drawing, creating stuffs, abandoned and quiet places, binary code, ghost stories, tea MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE, SOUNDCLOUD, TMBOX.NET, TUMBLR, CLYP.IT
RELEASE DATE November 20th, 2014 DISLIKES Perverts, psychopaths, impolite humans, politics, exploding balloons, people calling him Finn or Shion by mistake SIGNATURE SONG Dead Foresta ~睡蓮の湖に沈む~
PERSONALITY: He has no defined sets of personality as they are fully ignored in usage for creative works, mostly in cover songs. However, he is generally known to be fully straight and has well-balanced personality despite of his extremely humorous, joyful attitude.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Light brown, relatively short (this "hair" is actually a wig)
Eye color: Dark green
Mini bluetooth headset: Black with light grey screen and bright green wave at the right ear (very similar to Kaizern's headset but he rarely uses it).
Outfit: His full-detailed reference of his outfit can be seen here.
Others: He is created by lorreinegeralde@IRIS-SELECIA as Kaiserine Sympherianne's male genderbend/derivative. More information can be found here.
Catchphrase: “It’s gonna be epic!”
Nationality: Unknown (he is, however, created by a Malaysian UTAU user)

Voice Configuration

Noel Chuckstern's voice can be obtained by setting Kaiserine Sympherianne's voice at g+10B0Y0C100 (use with bkh01 resampler ONLY) using her ≫REVIVAL SE≪ voicebank on UTAU software.

Usage Clause

  • Do not change any part of the character's design except there is changes made by the creator.
  • Avoid any mary-sue and plagiarism.
  • Can be used for non-commercial and personal purposes only.
  • Do not steal or claim it as yours.
  • Fanarts, songs and videos with erotic, pornographic and sexual elements are strictly PROHIBITED.
  • Ask for permission if you want to use it for role-playing.

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