Eastern style: Nokori開化 Western: Kaika Nokori ( VB NOT MADE YET- WILL IN FUTURE)


" Flowering Rest " ( The character has an outfit with eighth rests on them )



TYPE: NokoLoid

GENDER: Female

AGE: 16

WEIGHT / HEIGHT: 115lbs, 6ft 2"

RACE: Human

RELEASE DATE: May be January 1st, 2014

CHARACTER ITEM: Kiwii (food)


Being Dandere, she doesn't have many friends. because she has Congenital Growth Hormone Deficiency, she looks like an 11 yr-old girl. She spends her time painting her apartment door different colors so people will come in her room, or at least look at her door. It makes her happy enough to get on with her life. She is an orphan that was finally alloud to live by herself. Will someone notice me, is all she thinks. She's over-obsessive because of her neglection as a child.


Hair- Wild, down to her chin. Light orange. Has a dark-pink flower on the right side of her head, in her hair.

Outfit- Neon orange collar under a sleeveless purple shirt (goes downt until bellybutton) with an eighth rest on it. Shirt under the purple one has long blue sleeves with (almost-like) belt around each rist. Mini-skirt down to hips, light-orange, top says "UTAULOID" and the bottom is lined eighth rests. White boots up to knee, (almost-like) belt aroud the rim of the left-leg.

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