Nozomi Yukimura

(Japanese:ノゾミ, のぞみ)

GENDER Any gender the user wants Nozomi to be.Created as a male,but doesn't mind being called they/she VOICE RANGE F#3-G5 RELATED CHARACTERS

Murphi (close friend)


(Official age) 15 (Description as human age)

GENRE Pop,but mostly rock HOMEPAGE YouTube
WEIGHT 123 lbs CHARACTER ITEM Pinwheel CREATOR Mitsuru(voice provider)

5'2 (height)

VOICE SOURCE Blood Lust Gaming(or known as Mitsuru) PICTURE LINK LIST It is so far only shown here
BIRTHDAY May 19,1999(following human age) LIKES Singing,being with friends,reading,music,ramen MEDIA LIST YouTube
RELEASE DATE October 26,2015 DISLIKES Rude people,people who hurt his friends,being alone SIGNATURE SONGS No original songs
PERSONALITY:He is a very docile person.He is gullible and easily tricked.He's timid and shy to people he doesn't know.He is,obviously,caring and kind to the people he's friends with.But he is sensitive,and he can get easily upset over the slightest things.He can also get depressed if his younger brother,Yoshi,(who is now deceased) mentioned.




Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black/dark gray messy hair

Headgear: Headphones

Eye color:Dark blue

Headphones: Brown headset with a blue microphone attatched

Dress: A brown,unzipped hoodie with a navy blue shirt underneath,and denim jeans.

Nationality/Race: Japanese.

Favorite phrase:None

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