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Nyana the Nyaloid


(Japanese: ニャナ - にゃな)
(ニャ Nya= sound made by cat ナ na= name)
TYPE: Nyaloid - (UTAU voice-bank which only consists of sounds cats can make.)
MODEL: 900 - (Self-given number for having "9 lives")
AGE 2 (While she has only been alive for two years, Nyana conciders herself an adult, as she is 18 in cat years.) GENRE UNKNOWN HOMEPAGE NONE
WEIGHT 9 lbs (4 kg) (A normal cat's weight.) CHARACTER ITEM Bell on a Red Ribbon (It is her beloved collar.) CREATOR Itoe Kobayashi (Creator's first UTAUloid)
HEIGHT 0'9" (23 cm) (She conciders herself short, even for a cat.) VOICE SOURCE Itoe Kobayashi (Voiced by author) PICTURE LINK LIST CONCEPT ART, NONE
BIRTHDAY September 9th LIKES Fish, bells, string, fireplaces, moving shadows, shiny things, lazer pens, milk, clean laundry, dark hiding places, sunny windows, and running around on the piano (She's a cat, enough said.) MEDIA LIST NONE
RELEASE DATE In progress (Nyana Generation 1 will not be released. Generation 2 is in progress.) DISLIKES Vaccumes, sudden loud noises, and water (She thinks they're all evil.) SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: Nyana has a strong desire to become a singer one day, but is held back by a few major issues, primarily the fact that she is a cat. She cannot make all the sounds that humans can, and though she practices, she often finds people complaining about her late night singing. Nyana is frustrated, but determined that she can one day become a great UTAUloid, and pretends that she is a human. She tends to be easily distraced by things she loves and hates alike, and is a sucker for attention if she's not feeling cheeky. Nyana runs into a lot of the same problems that normal cats do, such as not being able to decide if she wants to be inside or out, and hiding from evils such as the vaccum cleaner.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: (White and Brown)

Headgear: ((As human) A pair of cat ears) 

Eye color: (Left eye Green, Right eye Blue) 

Earphones: (None) 

Dress/Outfit: (A white over-the shoulder jacket with a black tank-top below, a white skirt with a brown hem, brown knee-high socks, white shoes, brown button-on half-sleeves, and a red ribbon collar with a bell.) 

Others: (As a cat she is simply brown and white furred with her collar.) 

Nationality/Race: (Cat, mixed breed)

Voice Configuration

      • Nyana's voice-bank only consists of sounds that cats can make, such as "nya, ro, mye, and ni"*** She's a little rusty, as she's new at things, and I mean hey, she's a cat.

This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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