NYANYA MAYAMA (真山 にゃにゃ)

Nyanya Mayama (or Mayama Nyanya) is a VKLOID designed and voiced by Melody123. Her voicebank has not yet been released, as it is only about 90% completed.

Note: This voicebank is currently discontinued.

Info 真山 にゃにゃ
Gender Female
Language Japanese, Korean, Engrish
Age not specified, near 17
Height unknown
Weight unknown
Voicer's Age 17
Character Item never decided
Genre J-Pop, K-pop, VOCALOID
Birthday December 23, 2012 (first DEMO release date)
Contact her creator through

Supplemental Information

Hair: light pink, tied back with two red holders. About waist length when tied

Headgear: Headphones with microphone

Eye Color: hot pink

Dress: always likes different clothing, official outfit is a collared zip up top without sleeves in a medium pink color. Skirt is medium pink. Bellybutton is just covered. Boots are thigh length, medium pink with a red trim.

Nationality/Race: Chinese/Japanese/Korean

Model: VKLOID05

6th senses/Special abilities: N/A

Catchphrase: "Break the wall of orthodox. ReVoLuTiOn!"

Personality: Very highly energetic. She wants to change everything, thus her rebellious spirit. Rules are not followed by her, being that she is also highly independent. She is a huge K-Pop fan and has wonderful Engrish.

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