Nyu(in Japanese, にゅ)

His name is not an interpretation, the name was chosen because "Nyu" is the only syllable he would say in his first voicebank.

TYPE: IELOID, IEL is an acronym that has the initials of the names of the creators of the company that created it.

MODEL: 25 - The day of the release of their first voicebank was 25/07/13 (in English, ), in IELOIDs is common to the model number according to the date of the release of the first official voicebank.

GENDER Male VOICE RANGE C#4 ~ F#5 (But I recommend using it in the range of B3 ~ C # 5) RELATED CHARACTERS

Israel Hariken(Owner)  

Mimi(Female Counterpart and friend)

AGE 4 GENRE Nyu don't have a specific genre, because in his first voicebank, it just says "nyu". HOMEPAGE

Official Website of Israel Hariken

(One of the pages of the site talks about Nyu, and new voicebanks of Nyu will be launched in this site.)

WEIGHT 11 lbs (5 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Pillow CREATOR Israel Rocha 
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 11.81" (30 centimeters) VOICE SOURCE Anonymous. PICTURE LINK LIST Official Picture of Nyu.
BIRTHDAY July 27, 2009 LIKES Sleeping, cans of tuna and water. MEDIA LIST None.
RELEASE DATE July 27, 2013. DISLIKES He do not like to stay too long without water, tuna or sleepless. It also does not like when his owner forgets to clean your pillow. SIGNATURE SONGS Nothing yet.
PERSONALITY: Nyu is a Japanese cat of 4 years. He loves sleeping, eating tuna and meowing. He meow both that their owners sometimes chafe, his favorite hobbies are eating tuna and scrape furnishings. Different the other cats, he has a passion for water and never misses the opportunity of a good bath. Nyu hates run out of tuna or go without water for a week or more, if it does, he gets extremely angry.


[hide] *1 Supplemental Information

Supplemental Information


Official picture of Nyu.

Official Picture of Nyu ACT1.  Hair color:Yellow with black spots. Eye color: Green. Nationality/Race: He is a japanese cat. Favorite phrase: Nyu, nyu nyu! (Asking for food)

Voice Configuration

Nyu has no official language, but have aliases in hiragana. As already said, your original voicebank has only one phoneme, the syllable "nyu", we are working to create a better and bigger voicebank for Nyu, probably in Japanese. There is no prevision for the release of the new Nyu with more phonemes. The current voice of Nyu is a bit noisy and robotics. Overall, the new voicebank of Nyu will have more phonemes and we will try to eliminate as much as possible the metallic noises in his voice.

Usage Clause

Nyu has a governing policy imposed by the author in regards to usage of both the voicebank and the character. To view it, click here.

You can download the voicebank of Nyu here.

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