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  • ========

    Hanko and Amai age:16 amai weight: 43 kg hanko weight: 50 kg amai height: 1.m55cm hanko height: 1m. 65cm

    Okinane Brothers========

Hanko: the utau male, brother of Amai. his name is Translated of kanji: 大きな = Strong, = sound, his middle name is translated from the Kanji Hanko 反抗 = rebel (romaji = ハンコオ) his voice is more like a child even wing currently is 16, it fails on your configuration verciones voice. sweet, dark and smooth. hours he plows a more improved and mature vercio and apart from a VC version of a boicebank.

Amai: the female hanko sister, her name translates of kanji 大きな = strong, = sound and his middle name is translated from the kanji 甘い = sweet (romaji = アマイ) his voice rough and something sweet on occasion. has versions of his voice fail as its `` soft `` voicebank hour has a revamped version of its voicebank.

  • Physical </li>
  • brothers' eyes are blue and brown hair.
    your clothes are comfortable and always have a few headsetseach.</li>
  • videos and voicebank </li>
  • ===Amai:===</li>
  • ===Hanko===</li>

  • (UTAU) Okinaoto Amai ACT2 (大きな音アマイ) Daydream Flight05:30

    (UTAU) Okinaoto Amai ACT2 (大きな音アマイ) Daydream Flight

    (UTAU) Hanko ACT206:03

    (UTAU) Hanko ACT2. Reflect (リフレクト)

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