(Japanese: 河崎おに-かわさきおに-Kawasaki Oni

NAME INTERPRETATION: 河崎 (Kawasaki; Cape of River) - Cape as in the Cape of Good Hope

鬼(Oni- demon) - Japanese Demons

TYPE: Humaloid and XXXXloid

MODEL: XoX (found on his right thigh)

GENDER A very girlish looking boy. VOICE RANGE Very deep and cannot be put into high pitches, without almost sounding like his sister. They share the same voice bank so you put his voice at g15. RELATED CHARACTERS

Meru Kawasaki (older step sister)

Tsuya Yoruno (hated enemy for hating his sister)

Misa Haruna (fellow humaloid/enemy for violating his sister)

Riku Kawasaki (older sister/ and singing partner)

Akaito (would trust him but would still want to kill him)

AGE 14 GENRE Mostly slow songs, he doesn't like to do fast songs, or any type of depressing song, he likes to laugh at people's pain. HOMEPAGE Humaloid Official Website
WEIGHT 170 lbs (73 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Earl Grey tea, eye patch, dunce hat to put on either Riku or Meru CREATOR Kei Onsein and xakatsukirikux

6'8" feet

B: 36 in W: 30 in H: 39 in


Kei Onsein (human)

xakatsukirikux (utau)

BIRTHDAY December 19 LIKES People who do not bug his sister, anyone that wears or likes red and black, red and black, his eye patch, the pairing of Riku and Akaito, to cross dress with his sister, being protected by his sister, blood, being mean to his sister, making fun of Meru's and Riku's cup sizes, bows MEDIA LIST

June 14, 2010

(after hearing about the creator of Misa Haruna)

DISLIKES Anyone who has a crush on his sister, pink, any bright colors, people who hate his sister, people who his sister has a crush on, annoying people who talk alot SIGNATURE SONG Ruin Garden
PERSONALITY: Considers himself to be a really boring or a really mean person. He doesn't like to talk much unless it with people he actually cares about. He wears an eye patch because on his left eye is a demon eye and the right eye is normal, he likes to mess with his sister and taunt her on her height. He is really calm with high tolerence of people he considers to be either annoying or stupid. He hates alot of things especially since people are scared of himi because of his demon eye.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: dark brown Headgear: his headphones are found in his really big bow Eye color: red Earphones: in his bow Dress: girl: a red over coat but the dress is black and the under parts are red, and on the back of his head is a , boy: he wears a butler like jacket that is black with golden buttons, the inner part of his jacket is red, he wears a big bow on the back of his head

Nationality/Race: Japanese and Korean Accesories: his eye patch and some tea to drink after he is done singing.

Nails: in a pattern of red and black

Voice Configuration

His voice is monitered by a human making him a HUMAloid but he is also a UTAUloid, he is from NicoNico but the creator would like to keep his privacy if that is ok with the people around the world. He is mostly used for slow songs.

He can be used with hiragana or katakana To get his voice get Riku Kawasaki's voice bank on her page and use g+10 or g+15 whatever you like

Notes from the author

Please remember that Oni is a boy and not a girl he also sounds like a boy so to get that wrong would bring shame upon you. He will not gender bend because he cross dresses so please respect that.

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