Ookami Yoru
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Ookami Yoru

Name: Ookami Yoru :)
Birthday: Febuary 6 2013 :)

Songs: Smiling Face, Sakura Sakura, Puppet Strings and Star Dancer.

Weight: (UN KNOWN) :)
Age: 14 :)
Number: NA :)
Food: Cherry :)
Desc: She has one blind eye and can get vary hot headed. She loves to sing and do karate. :)
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Star Dancer

Ookami's voice bank was made on Vocaloid 3 so technically she isn't a Utau. She sings lower than her older sister Sirica and her best friend Natsu and Ika ( Ika is a boy)

Ookami Yoru

She is HOT headed and can be vary mean at times.

When she dislikes someone or when she is asked an odd question she responds  with a powerful kick to the face.


Please promote Ookami and I will premote your Utau!

I made my own template for this I hope you like it!

I will post her voice bank in July! Enjoy!

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