Niiro Oto

Oto Akai

Oto Akai
(Japanese: 音アカイ [Oto Akai] )


Oto Akai (lit. "Red Sound")

MODEL: UD-27 (On the back of his neck)

Aoiro (Sister, Genderbend. g-30) Sumine Aya (Friend)

AGE 18 GENRE UNKNOWN HOMEPAGE Oto Family's humble abode
WEIGHT 190 lb. CHARACTER ITEM A laptop, colored red, black, and purple in abstract CREATOR Gregory Ravin
HEIGHT 5' 11" VOICE SOURCE Gregory Ravin PICTURE LINK LIST Art Needed. Help Anyone?
BIRTHDAY April 9th, 2010 LIKES Singing, Other UTAUloids, the entire UTAU Dreams crew. MEDIA LIST
RELEASE DATE April 11th, 2010 DISLIKES Commercial Vocaloids SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: He's quite the emotional person, despite the always bored look on his face and lack of expression in his voice. Singing has always been his joy, and he can be found singing almost anything.

Supplemental Information

  • Hair Color: Red
  • Eye Color: Violet
  • Earphones: A large red set of over-the-ear phones. He dislikes the "earbud" type.
  • Outfit: He wears a black shirt with the Katakana for Red, and his name, (アカイ) on it. On top of that is a red over-jacket type shirt. His pants are black, with red stars on the outside of the legs. In contrast to all this red and black, his shoes are a vibrant violet, the exact same shade as his eyes.

Voice Configuration

You can find his voice here. He is currently configured for Japanese Romaji, Hiragana is coming.

Current project is to add English functionality to his voicebank, which will be released as ACT 2.

A sample of his voice can be found at the Youtube channel above.

His sister, Oto Aoiro, can be heard by putting g-30 into the gender factor area.

This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character. The details seen here may be subject to change whenever I feel like it.

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