(Japanese: OuDa スミカネ - OuDa 隅かね - OuDa SumiKane)
ALIAS: Hiragana
隅かね (SumiKane;I do the corner; SumiKane was suggested by my niece so no meaning is added) - OuDa is based on a program i use for making her voice.
TYPE: SumiLoid UTAUloid - (There are around 2-3 more Utaus currently in progress and they are in SumiLoid group)
MODEL: OD-15 - (is located on her stomach)
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE D6-F3 (on a specific note makes it hard to put it low or high.Suitable on D4 ) RELATED CHARACTERS

Aoki SumiKane (younger brother)

Taiga SumiKane (older brother)

Rina SumiKane (Little sister)

OuDa Mystic SumiKane (Her ACT2)

AGE 15 (15 on March 18 2011) GENRE almost anything but not too low . HOMEPAGE

Rozen/Unmei's Deviantartand Youtube

WEIGHT 104 lbs (47 kg) CHARACTER ITEM a bun with strawberry filling and chocolate sauce on top. (she likes anything which has chocolate and strawberry together.) CREATOR Rozen/Unmei
BIRTHDAY March 18, 2011 (she was created on March 18 ,2011) LIKES strawberry , chocolate , big clothes ,plush cute animals. MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE August 5, 2011 (Confirm to share VB in Public) DISLIKES not getting what she wants. SIGNATURE SONG Disappearance of OuDa SumiKane
PERSONALITY: She is well known of her cute looks and shortness . She's a timid and hot-tempered girl. She also loves to sing any type of song but when she failed at it ,she would either cry or saying it's the UST's fault.She can sing some English songs but her japanese accents is there .

Supplemental Information

Hair color: light pink
Headgear: yellow headband
Eye color: dark pink
Earphones: yellow colour with a mic beside her right cheek
Dress/Outfit: hoodie slightly dark pink jacket, white inner shirt and black short pants
Nationality/Race: Japanese , Malaysian .

Voice Configuration

She has just upgraded on 5th August ,2011 you can download her by going to the link under,1

To make OuDa sound fluent please input 'h20Y10' or 'h30Y12' in the flag box.

I am currently making an ACT 2 on OuDa it will be more deep and dark .

OuDa ACT 2 Mystic will be out on 10th September 2011

the release date is postpone to next week because she doesn't have a proper costume. If you seen in Youtube , that is not her official costume and more like a sample costume based on my creativity.

Her ACT2 has been released click this to see her page

Download her Append VB here ~> OuDa Mystic Voice bank

Her Demo Version ~> Bad Apple OuDa ACT2

All of this is written by the author/owner/creator .

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