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Illustration Creator


Name: P.W.RAMI / ไทย: พีดับบิว(ดับเบิลยู) รามิ

Type: UTAUloid

Genre: -

Voice Range: Same to H.U.GEAS

Weight: 48 kg

Height: 160 cm

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Nationality: Thai-Japanese

Birthday: 10 October

Release Date: 23 July 2015

Related Characters: H.U.GEAS (Twins) , Kasuren Neonne (Friend) , Jushine Tomato (Friend) ,Kasuren Neonlight (Friend)

Character Item: Stun gun

Voicer: DarK_PuppeT

Media , Home page: Sound Cloud , Youtube

Likes: Magical Equipment

Dislikes: Cockroach D:"

***Note: She's genderblended to H.U.GEAS


She's another one of "Humanoid Utau (H.U.)" series but she is different from H.U.GEAS , so if GEAS is a witch-hunter then she is a witch and RAMI is a "Psuedonym-Witch (P.W.)" series however they both are lovely brethren. :)


[25/11/2015] P.W.RAMI CV (V1): Click!

You can setting it! vvvv


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