(Japanese 羽和 - Pao)
(Pão): Chinese metonymic occupational name for a baker, from pão 'bread'.) His name isn't Japanese like his sister and was given to him by his sister after he ate all of their bread and tried all day to bake more, afterwards Mao just started calling him Pao and his real name was forgotten and never used.
TYPE: PCloid
"MAO" (Younger twin sister)
AGE 19 GENRE More so mellow and soft songs as he has more so a soft voice HOMEPAGE "CREATORS TUMBLR"
WEIGHT 107 CHARACTER ITEM Black Maraca's (with golden stars hand painted on the front) and Candy Canes CREATOR TOBI "DEVIANTART" "YOUTUBE"SOUNDCLOUD "TUMBLR"
HEIGHT 5'3 VOICE SOURCE TOBI(With some assistance from his friend Ren VCV wise) PICTURE LINK LIST BOX ART
BIRTHDAY November 4th LIKES Manga, Yaoi, Yuri, Doujin, Anime, Peppers, Sweet things, night time, singing, electronics(more so his phone and computer), Spicy things, Small Spaces, his sister MEDIA LIST SOUNDCLOUD "YOUTUBE"
RELEASE DATE November 8th 2015 DISLIKES Weaboos(he doesn't know he's really a weaboo yet oop), salty and sour things, the color blue, open spaces, his sisters lies, Mexican Axolotls SIGNATURE SONG Hello How Are You
ADDITIONAL INFO: He's a rather expressionless, gullible soft spoken type of person with a strange pessimistic view on life. Outwardly he's an emotionless robot but inwardly he's a soft otaku cry baby and will always retreat to his room to cry and read doujin when he get's his feelings hurt(he's hopelessly in love with Japanese sub culture).

Supplemental Information

Occupation: Half time Otaku

Hair color: White

Headgear: None.

Eye color: Red

Earphones: Black, red and white computer mouse headphones that were clipped to her ears

Shorts: Black shorts that stop a little bit before his freckled knees, usually held up by suspenders

Shirt: Plain,nearly sleeveless, white with one bright red pocket and square shaped buttons

Neck piece: Thick rounded and bright red, holds a black downward arrow tie in place

Accessories: Tiny Hatsune Miku figurine he carries around attached to his phone

Nationality/Race: Japanese/Chinese

Catchphrase: "Ah...The feels"

Voice Configuration

Pao is a japanese voicebank, her CV is compatible with hirigana and romanji, but her VCV is not.

(Release Song *VCV*)

(Release Song *CV*)

Fun Facts

  • His sister was born after the creator looked at their computer mouse, and then they decided they could use their mouse pad too (Mouse, Mao, Pad, Pao)
  • That round thing on his and his sister's forehead's is actually the scroller for a computer mouse
  • He despises sour and salty things with an almost passion it seems
  • He's very bad at lying but good at detecting them
  • He owns a Sailor Moon, Kagerou Project,Undertale and Kill la Kill fan blog
  • He and His sister are the utauloids that will be singing the songs for the upcoming song series/light novel/manga "saigo"

Usage Clause

  • Do not change any appearances that already be given out unless there is changes that have been made officially by the creator.
  • Avoid any mary-sues would you please.
  • Allowed to be use freely.
  • Please use the flags in the readme file of the voicebank for both CV and VCV (The voicebanks between the twins are almost the same as I wanted a generally neutral tone I could toy with for each twin)

*Certified true and correct from TOBI Mao's creator. Please do not change anything here without Pao's creator or Admin's permission.

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