Pamiel colored
悪声 ぱみえる

Akusei Pamiel
悪声(Akusei; evil voice)

ぱみえる (Pamieru; Pamiel)

Pamiel Akusei has no relationships
AGE Unknown; looks sixteen GENRE Not defined HOMEPAGE
WEIGHT 145lbs/65.8kg CHARACTER ITEM Sword with jewel encrusted hilt and white-gold scabbard CREATOR CrimsonAri
BIRTHDAY Undecided LIKES The sight and scent of blood, the color red, classical music MEDIA LIST
RELEASE DATE March 6th, 2015 DISLIKES Humans, demons, the color yellow, other angels SIGNATURE SONG 跪いて足をお嘗め
ADDITIONAL INFO: Pamiel is an archangel with a quick temper and a sadistic nature. His sense of humor is more on the morbid side and he's very sardonic. He has an affinity for causing pain to those that he dislikes, and even those he doesn't know -- it's a pretty petty trait of his.

Supplemental Information

Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Green

Outfit: Usually wears a white button-down dress shirt, a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a pair of black Converse. He has a white eye patch covering his left eye, as well.

Nationally: Assumed to be of Greek origin.

Voice Configuration

ACT 1: DL from Dropbox
♫ Monopitch CV
♫ Recommended resampler is Fresamp
♫ Hiragana with Romaji aliases
♪ Pronunciation isn't the best
♪ OTO was sloppily done and needs work
♪ NOT recommended for use!!!!

ACT 2 (Fallen): DL from Dropbox
♫ Monopitch CV
♫ Recommended resampler is TIPS
♫ Romaji with Hiragana aliases
♫ Features a soft tone
♪ Pronunciation isn't amazing
♪ OTO was done quickly
♪ Some samples are too breathy

ACT 3: DL from Mediafire
♫ Monopitch CV
♫ Recommended resampler is Fresamp
♫ Romaji with Hiragana aliases
♫ Features a better OTO
♪ No set "look"
♪ S samples are a little too sharp
♪ "Wa" sample is a little breathy
♪ Sometimes sounds muffled

ACT 5.1(Power): DL from Mediafire
♫ Monopitch CV
♫ Recommended resampler is TIPS
♫ Romaji with Hiragana aliases
♫ Features a much better OTO than previous VBs, shorter samples and a much more powerful voice
♪ Does not have a set look, but will probably receive one in the future
♪ K samples are sometimes finicky, especially the "ka" sample

If the download link doesn't work, please inform me and I'll update it.

ACT 5.1 has had its OTO updated and the download link has been updated to support this, please re-download if you have the previous 5.1 VB.

Rules & Regulations

Pamiel's voice bank is not for redistribution.
Do not claim Pamiel as your own.
Fan art of any kind is allowed.
There is no restriction on what type of song you can use Pamiel's voice with.
Any type of pairing is allowed. Ship away, my friends, ship away.
If you edit the OTO, please let the creator know.
If you want to use Pamiel for commercial use, please contact the creator beforehand.

This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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