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(Japanese:None) (English: A thin round bread eaten at breakfast)


'Pancake: A thin, round cake cooked in a pan, mostly served at breakfast. Some people even put powdered sugar, blueberries, chocolate chips,' and other whatnots on it.

He is named pancake since the creator was talking about pancakes when drawing him and a friend agreed to the name 'Pancake'.


Gender: Male Voice Range: (unknown) Related Characters:


Scarlet (friend)

Hoshiko (friend)

Age: 13 Genre Anything but he is going to sound weird. Homepage: (none)
Weight: 96 lbs Character Item: cucumber Creator: TheInfiniteHolic
Height: 5.1" Voice source TheInfiniteHolic Picture link list: TheInfiniteHolic's Devaintart gallery
Birthday: June 1st Likes: Touhou,food, pokemonz Media List: Here
Release Date Released months ago Dislikes: Annoying people,Ninjas watching him, stalkers. cucumbers Signature song:


Personality: Pancake is a easy going and laid back person who is quite lazy at some point. Very immature, loud and really easy to get along with.
mentioned perverted sometimes.
He is never mad.
this rarely happens.
You can occasionally catch him with a melon with a face drawn on it, off gaurd on his free time.

His favorite quote is "food is the key to every man-bear-pig-woman's heart"

He wears a colander on his head when he goes somewhere.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Blond (Actually brown, but blonde due to hair dye)
Headgear: A black hat
Eye color: light blue but actually brown due to contacts
Earphones: N/A
Dress: Shown here
Nationality/Race: Asian American (Cantonese)

Voice Configuration

The voice bank is in romanji and has a hiragana alias.

Download here:XXXXXX

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