(This utau is under construction)


Japanese Name: PenginIka - ペンギンイカ

Birthplace: PenguinSquid will be made in Australia.

Birth Date: Haven't finished

Release Date: Haven't Released

Character Item: Swordfish (although you can give him any character item you want)

Feather Colour: Indigo (fades from blue to purple)

Crest Colour: Yellow and Orange

Tentacle Colour: Yellow-Orange (fades from yellow to orange)

Gender: Male


PenguinSquid's true form is a rainbow blob. He came to earth from his alien planet and chose the DNA of a penguin and a squid and fused them together with alien technology to make his creature form. He can basically turn into anything.


Voicebank isn't available to download yet.

Other Info

Voicebank will be for made for English

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