Penguo Penginoid - ペンギンOID

(Penguo has no Japanese translation)

Type: UTAUloid (Penginoid)

Model: =34= *located on the front of his neck, hidden under his scarf*


Papa Penginoid (Father)

Pengu Penginoid (Twin Sister)

Pengi Penginoid (Younger sister)


Alternate only:

UK: 2st
US: 28lbs
Other: 12.7kg

CHARACTER ITEM: Melting Blue Popsicle CREATOR: DarkBox-V2K
HEIGHT: Pocket-sized (4'9" Alternatively) VOICE SOURCE: DarkBox-V2K PICTURE LINK LIST: Concept Art
BIRTHDAY: December 9th LIKES: Any kind of tea, warm clothing and quiet surroundings. MEDIA LIST: TBC
RELEASE DATE: TBC DISLIKES: Medicine, lengthy conversations and being threatened by stronger people. SIGNATURE SONG: TBC
PERSONALITY: Penguo is best described as the weakest Penginoid family member. Due to his weak immune system, he is unable to partake in most daily events without overexerting himself. He has few friends due to his normally house-bound status but still manages to travel with his parents and younger sister. He is the polar opposite of his twin sister, Pengu. Where she is courageous and outgoing, Penguo is timid and rather reserved. He doesn't talk much and very little is known about him. His father, Tennō wishes that one day the boy will be able to come out of his shell and be more like him. In the meantime, Penguo likes to hang around Masaru to help him get stronger.

Supplemental Information


Penguo's updated concept art.


HEADGEAR: Penguin hat. EYE COLOUR: Teal EARPHONES: His earphones are styled to look like Penguin earmuffs. OUTFIT: Penguin hat, teal scarf with a fish motif, zip up jacket, (with straps) arm warmers - Left armwarmer supports an LCD Screen, a teal shirt under his jacket and boots that support little lights on the toes. PRIMARY COLOUR: Light blue. COLOUR SCHEME: Light blue and black.

ACT1 Release

Penguo Penginoid's ACT1 is currently in the testing stage and is scheduled to be released sometime in October 2013. His voicebank is encoded with both Romaji and Hiragana. Testing so far has proved Penguo works with most commonly used samplers and performs well at both the C4 and C3 octaves.

He will no longer be a genderbend of Pengu. Instead he will have his own voicebank which will also be provided by Pengu's voice provider.

A link to his download will be added here once his new voicebank has been officially released.

Voice Configuration

Penguo is still within testing stage but it is known that he sounds best when the flags F1H0BRE30Y0c99g10 are used at the C4 octave. He sounds best when the Freesampler is used and he can sing well at the C3 octave. His Consonant Velocity is best set between 75 -130, similar to Pengu.

As of yet, Penguo has not been scheduled for any APPENDS or a VCV ACTs but these might be considered in the future.

Usage Clause

  • When this voicebank is released it will be free to use as long as the guidelines are followed!
  • Penguo Penginoid is not for commercial use!
  • Please do NOT edit his voice (via, pitching etc.) and claim it as yours. That wouldn’t be very nice.
  • Do NOT use Penguo’s voice bank for offensive purposes. That’s not what his voicebank was created for!
  • You MAY change his attire (excluding his hat) to fit the song if you are to create the image for the song in use. Please DO NOT tamper with his appearance otherwise.
  • Don’t create an UTAU based off any Penginoid without asking their creator first!

Trivia and Information

  • Like the rest of the Penginoids, Pengu is originally pocket-sized, However due to confusion; he has been given an alternate height which is currently set at 4'9" - an inch shorter than his sister. This is due to his illness.
  • Like Pengu's hat, Penguo's is also capable of expressions.
  • Penguo is based on the "Fairy Penguin" a small, blue feathered Penguin that is known to be the shortest in existence. However he takes his likeness from the Emperor Penguin like the rest of his family members.
  • Penguo and Pengu share the same voice provider.
  • Penguo has a weak immune system, leaving him weak against sickness. His most common caught virus is the flu.
  • Penguo sniffles a lot due to his continuous cold.

All information about Penguo Penginoid on this page is certified true by his creator, DarkBox-V2K. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE ANY INFORMATION OF THIS UTAULOID.

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