PepperMint - ERROR

Art by: Design by: Asorra Tatsumi Do not replicate.




Gender Female Voice Frequent Average


'People 'Associated

Megurine Luka- Idol

Age 14-15 Genre


Home Page

None as of now

Height 5'2 Character Items

Candy cane, a pair of pink scissors


Asorra Tatsumi




Sitting under a kotatsu, making any kind of paper art, such as cutting out paper flowers, origami, and carefully poking out cut out animals, and listening to various songs from all the Vocaloids and Utaus.

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Release info None Dislikes

Blood, paper cuts, malfuctions, her voice, and cake.

Media List


Number U-PM Sexuality


Background Info: PepperMint was once a full Utau with a complete voice bank. But due to remodeling and viruses, her voice bank was corrupted and vocal chords destroyed, which lend to her uninstallment and reboot… Because of this she talks in the third person and her voice is broken up and sounds monochromatic. 

Personality: PepperMint is shy and doesn’t talk much. She does like being around others and is often seen talking to Dell a lot. She has little confidence in herself, so she’s soft spoken and sometimes puts herself down. She loves any kind of paper art, cutting paper flowers being her favorite. Once you get to know her, PepperMint is a curious girl who will always ask questions or permission to do something. So try talking to her, you might be surprised at the things she says and does.

Basic Information

Hair color/design: PepperMint's hair is a mint green color that looks layered and is chopped up very unevenly. 

Character Sheet:

PepperMint's Dress

Dress and hair design for PepperMint

Eye Color
PepperMint eye

There is a line running down the middle.

PepperMint's eye borders on red to a very dark pink. The only thing that sticks it as different is the line that runs right down the middle

Nationality/Race: N/A

ShoesPepperMint wears a simple pair of red Mary-Jane shoes.

OutfitUnlike most Utau, PepperMint's outfit is not based off of arm warmers or belts. Her dress is more lolita based and sticks out in a crowd. (aside from the mech looking Vocaloid/Utau) The bandages are used to hide visible cords and the broken handcuff is something she found and thought was cute.

Often Used Phrases:

"PepperMint wants to eat a candy cane...."

"Can PepperMint touch your hair...?"


" sleepy...."

Character Quote:

"To be accepted is to be loved not pitied..."

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