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Basic Information

Pomona Ito Box Art

Name: Pomona Ito 

Eastern Variation:Ito Pomona

Name Interpretation: Pomona (a latin name meaning Fruitful) and Ito (a Japanese name meaning Thread)



Height:5 foot 6

Voice Provider:amaterasumiya

Mangager: amaterasumiya


Supplementary Information

Likes: Screamo, Black, Red, Voodoo Dolls, Safety Pins

Dislikes: Too Many Bright Colours

Character Item:Voodoo Doll



Voicebank Download:

Personality:she doesnt tend to enjoy other peoples company, she just likes to be with her voodoo doll

genre: any, though mainly rock and metal

Recorded on a Windows 7 PC, encoded in Romaji and aliased in Hiragana

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