Princess Tarta by NaughtyPichu
Princess Tårta
(Japanese: プリンセス・トルタ)

ALIAS: Tårta , Tårta-hime(トルタ姫)
- A Swedish sponge layer-cake covered with marzipan ake called "Prinsesstårta" that was popular with princesses.

BANK: CV Extended Japanese



lanceLOTTE(Same Creator)

fERRERO(Same Creator)

PÄN(Same Creator)

ZETTΔ(Same Creator)

ピの木坊(Same Creator)

AGE Several hundred years RANGE ? HOMEPAGE TUMBLR
WEIGHT 6 0z. CHARACTER ITEM The world's tiniest violin CREATOR NaughtyPichu





RELEASE DATE None/Private Release(see below for details) DISLIKES Pinokibou



PERSONALITY: OPTIONAL/FOR RP PURPOSES: One day in a land far away, a quite famous baker was baking a prinsesstarta cake for the royal Princess in the land. The baker took the raw cake dough to the oven to bake. While inside the oven the cake changed but not in the way the baker intended. When he pulled the cake out it had changed into the form of a tiny doll-looking Princess. The baker shrugged knowing that the Princess was growing impatient with the baker. He took the cake to her anyways and bowed deeply before her offering the cake. The princess looked at the cake suspiciously. She inquired to the baker what it was and he replied that it was the cake she wanted. The princess took one bite out of the cake and threw it back at the baker. She retorted that the cake was disgusting and to take it away immediately. The baker, diluted and gloomy, walked to the palace gates. He saw a rabbit nearby and threw the cake at the rabbit, telling the rabbit that the Princess didn't want his dumb cake that he created. The rabbit looked at the cake and smiled. The missing piece of cake had been replaced by more cake, by regenerative properties. The rabbit told the cake to close her eyes. The cake did so and opened them to find herself falling. She landed softly on a glass table, pillowedby her own body. She looked up and saw a giant human girl towering over her. The girl looked at her for a moment then went back to looking at the bottle in her hand. After mumbling to herself the girl sipped from the bottle and immediately shrunk to a size smaller than the cake. After angrily yelling about a key, the cake immediately found herself sitting on the floor in front of the girl in a POOF! The girl stared at her for a moment then spotted a tag on the cake's marzipan dress that read EAT ME. The girl, after again mumbling to herself, took a bite out of her. The girl swallowed her entire head. The girl immediately grew 15 feet tall. The cake's tiny body fell back onto the table. The girl began to cry and shrunk to the size of a pea shell and floated out a tiny door in her tears. After the girl was gone the cake's head grew back and she lay there for many days with no activity around her. Finally, a tall man with a tophat came by. He asked her who she was and she replied that her name was Princess Tarta. He smiled and asked if she would join him at his tea party. She agreed and they left the hall.

Thence, Princess Tarta came into being. Tarta enjoys sweets and seems to be very sweet and innocent. 

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Bubblegum pink in a frosting form.
Headgear: A large golden and brightly coloured crown with candy Jewels. A Red gumball sits atop her frosting hair.
Eye color: Dark Navy(candy buttons)
Earphones: None
Dress/Outfit: A large poofy-sleeved, brightly coloured dress with two candy canes in the front crossing.
Others: The World's TIniest Violin--she got it as a keepsake from Wonderland, and carries it inside her dress somewhere.
Species: Prinsesstårta cake with the ability to regenerate and cause who ever eats her to grow in size.

Voice Configuration

Recommended flags: Freesamp with F0Y0 flags, optional B0 and/or g+5.

Not yet tested with TIPS.


Private Download Only! Please message the creator ORPHONOS  to recieve a download link! Please do not redistribute!

Notable Works

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