Project Eppalloid
Eppaloid logo 2
Type Non Profit
Genre Music
WebSite Project Eppalloid
Foundation June 05, 2010
Key people

InochiPM (命PM) (designer, donor, music, creator)

Kazuko (和子) (concept artist, designer, donor, music)

Akisame (秋雨) (donor)

Amatsu (天津) (donor)

Mika (ミカ) (donor)

Andoryuu-kun (artist)

Misha (artist)

Location Kentucky, USA
Industry Software, Internet
  • Free Music
  • Voice Bank Downloads
  • Online community

Project Eppalloid is a group of UTAUs with designs based off the line of portable media players, the iPod. There are eight members: Sai, Sae, Mama, Kioshi, Kyou, Mimi, Neneki and Naga.

  • Sae's CV and VCV is in ACT 4.21. She has three additional CV voicebanks, titled Kei (軽), Sen (鮮) and Kyō (叫). An English voicebank is under process.
  • Sai's CV is in ACT 4, and he has a lite VCV. He has eight additional CV voicebanks, titled Sakebi (叫び), Tsuyo (強), Hiku (低), Sasayaki (囁き), Ama (甘), Unari (唸り), Kura (暗), and Senmei (鮮明). An English voicebank and a Korean voicebank have been recorded.
  • Kioshi's CV is in ACT 4. She has one additional CV voicebank, titled Amai (甘い).
  • Mama's CV is in ACT 4.
  • Kyou's CV is in ACT 4.
  • Mimi's CV is in ACT 4. She has an additional CV voicebank, titled Isamu (勇). A seven-pitched VCV voicebank has been recorded, and is currently being otoed. A French voicebank is under process.
  • Neneki's CV is in ACT 2.
  • Naga's CV is in ACT 4.
  • Momo's Natsu (夏) CV is in ACT 4.


Though the project has been thought of in the summer of 2009, progress on the UTAUs began in the spring of 2011. The earliest concepts were of Kyou and Kioshi. Sai Mackne was designed first, followed by Sae. Despite this, it was Sae's voicebank that was worked on first. Sai was in the progress of being made when his folder was accidentally deleted. Eventually, in a few months time, Sai too had a complete voicebank.

As an addition, Project Eppalloid has adopted Mackne Mimi; the original creator has given permission to do so.


Oie 2833425zDj6ATQ7 Mackne sai2 Kyou2 Kioshi Mama mackne icon Mac mimi
Mackne Sae
Mackne Sai
Mackne Kyou
Mackne Kioshi
Mackne Mama
Mackne Mimi
Shuffle Nagamackne icon
Mackne Neneki
Mackne Naga


The Persaloids are a side division of personified UTAUs that represent the team members' personal objects. (Ex. Laptops, cell phones, etc.)

Namikashi Dousei hato icon Hexie icon
Hayato Shoji
Dousei Hato
Yu Hexie

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