Project Mexico(プロジェクトメキシコ)is an upcoming V3 series CV Japanese and CV VCV Spanish Voicebank from Acemaster-P. This Voicebank consits of 2 voicebanks the male is named Jorge and the female is named Isabella. However the Voicebank will not be in developent until a Female Voice Provider is found.

Project Mexico Box Art

Jorge Cruz(ホルヘ·クルス) CV Japanese and CV+VCV Español Voicebank


Jorge Cruz the male voicebank is a 15 year old student who lives in Chihuahua, Chihuahua Mexico. His love for Bachata music has inspired him to be in a band and later an UTAUloid the youngest of 2 children Jorge still plans to be the best that he can be d

Jorge Cruz

espite his age or race.
Age: 15 (same age as Voice provider)
Nationality: Mexican
Character Item: A casual shirt (not shown)
  • Bachata
  • Tacos
  • Playing Guitar
  • Clara(He sorta has a crush on her)
  • ===People who says he's too young for most things that he is an ace at===
Recomended Genres:

N/A He likes Bachata


he wears a white casual looking dress shirt with a design of a cross with wings and below it says "The Lord Did" (Religious Statement) from designer Ray Joss and black pants. He wears Yamaha Pro 500 series headphones(sometimes) (Disclaimer: In no way is Acemaster-P asscosiated with Ray Joss or Yamaha and it's affiliates)


CV Japanese Voicebank will be encoded in Hirugana and Romanji

and CV+VCV Spanish may also contain small compound lyrics

Isabella Cruz(イザベラ·クルス)CV Japanese and CV+VCV Español Voicebank


Isabella Cruz

Jorge's older sister Isabella is the famous Mexican JPop Idol from one of Acemaster Publishing's Mangas Otaku High she lives in the fictional Japanese city that revolves around the Manga called Hiosi she became the first mascot thought up for the UTAUloid although Jorge's design was thought of first. She is the eldest of 2 children she is about 18 at the most. She does love songs mostly so she has grown attached to the romance genre.

Age: 18
Nationality: Mexican
Character Item: A Rose
  • YOHIOloid (She has a crush on him)
  • Roses
  • Aqua Timez(Her favorate JPop Band)
  • Hatred
  • Bullying
Recomended Genre Anything romantic


She wears a red dress she customly made herself and black shoes or high heels.


Unknown ( A Female voice Provider must be found) but same as Jorge's


Voicebank is awaiting development

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