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Proposed UTAUloids

Rina (JP:りな KR:리나)


Rina (JP:りな KR:리나) Rina, born in Inch'on, S.Korea, was forcefully sent to Japan to study at age 3. There, she got abused by her new parents. She nearly got killed during her attempt to escape to safety at age 7. Badly beaten, she eventually fell into depression when she was bullied in school since she was so small. At age 13, she fell in love with the flute and this sparked her music career. By age 15, with the help of joohyunmusic, she will debut as a singer.

Character created by: joohyunmusic
Character proposed by: User:joohyunmusic
Requesting assistance: The proposer does not appear to be requesting any assistance.
Progress report:
Getting Korean voice banks, joohyunmusic focuses on Rina's emotional expression.
  • debut date = around September (both Korea and Japan). Rina's words "I don't feel ready just yet. I'm going to practice a lot during summer!"
  • debut song = Korea: Forbidden Love by Kim Kyung Ho (금지된 사랑 - 김경호) Japan: My Heartful Song by Utau Hoshina
  • Name: Rina (JP:りな KR:리나). This name comes from the anime Pichi Pichi Pitch, and anime that joohyunmusic frequently watched. The name Rina is the name of the Green Mermaid.
  • Model: UF001
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 16
  • Height: 6'0
  • Weight: 100 lb
  • Voice Range: Not Available Yet
  • Character Item: heart-shaped or star-shaped earrings and/or necklace
  • Hobby: singing (obviously), writing songs.
  • Dislikes: Dogs, tornadoes, and butterflies.
  • Nationality: Korean (Japanese residence)
  • Color Scheme: Orange, Yellow, and Magenta (bright colors)
  • Personality: Shy girl who loves to sing. Because of her parents hatred toward her, she became timorous of many things. She is scared of butterflies because it was her Japanese parent's job: a butterfly scientist. Shy and unwilling to risk things. However, when she is singing, she expresses many emotions.
  • Frequently said Phrase(s): "私は非常に残念です![Watashi wa hijō ni zan'nendesu!]" "I'm very sorry!" / "私は新しいことを試すのが好きではありません。[Watashi wa atarashī koto o tamesu no ga sukide wa arimasen.] "I don't like to try new things."

Word from joohyunmusic The reason why Rina's charabio is so realistic is becuase UTAUloids should at least be treated like a person. The reason why she sing is because she wants to make everybody happy. The model number is only for me to organize her songs and voicebanks easily. Do not criticize me!!

Okamene Haru (阿亀音はる)


Okamene Haru (阿亀音はる) is the newest UTAU by muuugi (YT user Fukamikami). He is currently in development as a powerful "shota" voicebank. He has a pet Cockatiel named Yuki (幸), who will have a voicebank as well, but will only have the "a" sound, which would be a whistling noise similar to that of the Cockatiel. His voicebank will be a dipitch 7-mora VCV voicebank, recorded at F4 and A3. He will have extra sounds included in a seperate file, including screams, and possible english phonemes as well.

  • Name: Okamene Haru (阿亀音はる), from "Okameinko", "阿亀鸚哥", which is the written kanji for Cockatiel in Japanese. Haru is a common male first name.
  • Model: I7-93, visible on his right shoulder (from the date Cockatiels where first observed)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 15
  • Height: 5'9
  • Weight: 130 lb
  • Voice Range: Not Available Yet
  • Character Item: Besides his pet Cockatiel, a handheld camera.
  • Likes: Photography, Cockatiels, and Yuki.
  • Dislikes: Cooking and Large dogs.
  • Nationality: Australian / Japanese
  • Color Scheme: Colors similar to the cockatiel, pale yellow, pale reds, and some other pale colors added.
  • Personality: A true Type 1 kuudere. He rarely shows emotion and usually comes off as cold and constantly maintains a calm and collected exterior. However, when around people he's more comfortable with, like Yuki, the cold exterior slowly melts away. If he's left alone with his bird the Kuu is almost nonexistent, as he affectionately takes care of her like she's family.
  • Favorite Phrase: ... Inshō-tekidenai. (。。。印象的でない。; ... Unimpressive.)
Character created by: muuugi
Character proposed by:
Requesting assistance: The proposer does not appear to be requesting any assistance.
Progress report:
9:13 AM 7/20/12. His F4 bank is finished. Plans for release have led me to believe that i might release the F4 and A3 banks separately due to their size.

Demo 1:

demo 2:

Akine Yui (秋音ユイ)


Akine Yui (秋音ユイ) is the seconf upcoming UTAU by muuugi (YT user Fukamikami). She was created as the user's challenge to himself, in an attempt to voice a female bank. She is a CV voicebank, and will be released with one pitch, and the following iteration will (hopefully) introduce more, giver her a wider range.

  • Name: Akine Yui (秋音ユイ). Akine means "autumn sound" and Yui is a common Japanese first name.
  • Model: I7-94, (adding on to Haru's number, 94 implies that she is the voicebank after his)
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 14
  • Height: 5'1" (152.4 cm)
  • Weight: 102 lbs (46.27 kg)
  • Voice Range: Not Available Yet
  • Character Item: A diary w/ a pink pen
  • Likes: Pound cake, Autumn and Winter, relaxing.
  • Dislikes: Vegetables, Spring and Summer, being active.
  • Nationality: Australian / Japanese
  • Color Scheme: Warm colors, especially those that resemble autumn.
  • Personality: She's very shy, but will often warm up to people if given enough time. She likes to keep to herself, but will often become angered if somebody comments on her small size.
  • Favorite Phrase: ... Inshō-tekidenai. (。。。印象的でない。; ... Unimpressive.)
Character created by: muuugi
Character proposed by:
Requesting assistance: The proposer does not appear to be requesting any assistance.
Progress report:
9:13 AM 7/20/12. Her voicebank is completely recorded and oto'd. The only thing left to do is generate wav.frq files, and she will be ready for downloading.

Murasaki Kansei


Murasaki Kansei
Murasaki is 15 years old, and she has a high pitched, sweet voice. Her name "Murasaki" means purple, and Kansei means shout of joy. She is very peppy and likes to cheer people on~!

She is very short and light. Her hair is half purple, half pink, and in puffy, curled twin tails. her eyes are bright, one is purple, and one is pink.

The outfit is based on sweet lolita fashion, and consists of mainly purple and pink. Her shirt has a wide collar with a heartbeat like symbol on it, and the collar has frills in it. There is also a purple rabbit on the collar, which reflects her mood. Under the collar, there is a pink stripe going down her purple shirt, and there are purple buttons on it. Her sleeves have a large frilled cone like shape coming out of it, with pink ribbons on it.

Her skirt is purple and knee-length, with a pink bow on the back. There is a pink stripe on the bottom, and she has small frills on the bottom.

She carries around a purple megaphone with a pink ribbon on it, and always cheers with it, and she always says "Go go go, reach for the fluffy stars~!""

Character created by: Rocolli
Character proposed by: User:LoliBunbun
Requesting assistance: The proposer does not appear to be requesting any assistance.
Progress report:
making design >u<

Kyaru (캬루) (Name not final)


Kyaru (캬루) (Name not final) will be a new voicebank produced by ElleDays that will be able to sing in Japanese and Korean. Kyaru is so unique because she's cute and lovely. She likes acting cute (Aegyo in Korean) and loves shiny things, clothes and animal print. She adores make up and nail art and she really takes care of all her UTAU friends and likes singing and dancing with them.

Character created by: (ElleDays)
Character proposed by: User:Elledays
Requesting assistance: No assistance needed
Progress report:
Character design complete. Korean CV recording in progress.

Lucky Charm (ラッキーチャーム)


Lucky Charm (ラッキーチャーム) (JP Pronunciation: Rakkī Chāmu) is a new voicebank that will be able to sing in Japanese and English. Lucky is British, cute, smart, and an anime lover. She likes anything to do with the beach (especially ice cream and rock candy), four-leaf clovers, anime, manga, music and cake. She doesn't like being teased, rainy days, extreme cold, being broken-hearted or snakes. Her birthday is the 29th July. Her character item is a stick of green rock candy.

Character created by: Bethan
Character proposed by:
Requesting assistance: Request for OTO and VCV Recording tutorials...
Progress report:
The art is sorted. It will be up soon.

27th August - The recording will start soon, but from 5th September will be delayed due to new term. 3rd September - Getting more used to UTAU now. As stated a week ago; from the 5th September, recording will be delayed. Hopefully, Lucky should be released by October-November time, or Christmas at the latest. 10th September - RECORDING HAS BEGUN! 29th September - I've sorted the usage policy and planned the demo song. I have a way to go with the recording, still.

Chikka Torreliza

Tumblr m8aibjgjv11rrztju
Chikka Torreliza is the first Utauloid by Taliya.k (other name Tazzii). Her voicebank is near-complete but is still work in progress. Chikka was intially intended to have a very mature voice, however, the recording produced a softer tone.
  • Name: Chikka Torreliza
  • Model: CV101 (imprinted on her left shoulder)
  • Gender: Female
  • Age:16
  • Height: 5'6
  • Weight: n/a
  • Voice Range: #D-//
  • Character Item: Mostly chocolate, sweets and cupcakes.
  • Likes: Baking, Sweet things, Shopping
  • Dislikes: Vegatables, babysitting
  • Nationality: Spanish/Japanese
  • Colour Scheme: Red, Orange and Yellow (although she does love the color lime green)
  • Personality: Chikka is a mixed character. She's very competitive and is a bit of a diva. She likes kids yet hates being stuck with them. She also has fiery temper and can be easily provoked.

Character Created by: Taliya.k (Tazzii)

Character Proposed by:

Requesting Assistance: The proposer does not appear to be requesting any assistance.

Progress Report:

12:51AM 10/30/2012 Chikka's voicebank is very much complete, samples have already been saved and will be exported and imported soon.

03:47PM 10/30/2012 FIrst demo cover of 'Melt' released on Tumblr. Still needs editing.

リウ⁴ (RiU⁴)

リウ⁴ (RiU⁴)


リウ⁴ (RiU⁴) [A/N: It's pronounced as just Riu-Four, but Riu by itself is acceptable too.]

  • Model No.: 四 (4)
  • Gender: Robot (and, by human standards, 'Female')
  • Age: 15 (appearance), 2 (years since construction)
  • Height: 179cm / 5'10 ¾"(Normal) 195cm / About 6'5" (when I make her append, she'll have a new, taller design.)
  • Weight: ½ ton (500kg) / 1102.31 lbs
  • Voice Range: N/A
  • Character Item: Blue Glow-stick
  • Likes: Computers, other Robots, bows, the colour blue, Kagamine Rin, Science-fiction books
  • Dislikes: Anti-robot protesters, the colour red (only when she has a low battery level)
  • Nationality: N/A (Canon manufacturers are Japanese, but her actual creator is Australian)
  • Hair Colour: Black with a streak that changes colour depending on her battery level (Blue = Charging, Green = High Battery, Yellow = Average Battery, Red = Low Battery)
  • Eye Colour: Blue (A/N: when I get a chance to draw her, you'll be able to see a bit of her Interface if you look at her eyes closely)
  • Clothes: Grey dress with the manufacturer's logo on it, black shoes with blue heels/soles
  • Other/Misc: She will sometimes wear a small blue ribbon-headband thing, and she will sometimes have a cable plugged into her left arm (that's her charger)
Character created by: Lexxybaby
Character proposed by: User:Lexxybaby
Requesting assistance: No assistance needed
Progress report:
8/08/2014: I recently (quite a few months ago) got Windows 7, and I haven't gotten around to reinstalling UTAU. Also, the old recordings for her were kinda crap (and I don't have them anymore) so I'll have to re-record her too.

17/08/2014: Recorded "a" samples, haven't tested them within the program yet (or even separated them into individual .wav files)

A/N: This is my first UTAUloid, well, ever. I hope that you like her when I release her (ugh, if I ever release her, more like. I'm waaay too busy these days, to be honest).

Natsuki Riko (夏輝リコ)


RiKO is the first UTAUloid to be in development by the creator; KEi. She has a CV Japanese voicebank that is under construction, and will have a VCV voicebank soon after. Her voice bank was developed to be used by Sakiiro Yuri, but the creator decided to keep her as just an OC.

  • Name: 夏輝リコ (meaning; 夏輝 - "Summer Shine")
  • Alias: RiKO
  • Model: TBA
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: TBA
  • Blood Type: TBA
  • Height: TBA
  • Weight: TBA
  • Voice Range: N/A
  • Character Item: TBA
  • Likes: TBA
  • Dislikes: TBA

Additional Information

  • Hair color: Red
  • Eye color: Amber
  • Earphones: TBA
  • Dress: Two golden bells are worn in her hair tied with blue ribbon. She wears a white uniform with gold epaulette shoulder pads with a cake attached and a blue ribbon around the neck. On her hands are black finger-less gloves and white cuffs around her wrists. The edge of her skirt is lined with a piano pattern and her boots are black thigh highs, with a glowing stripe down each too the feet and two golden bangles around her ankles.
  • Favorite phrase: TBA
Character created by: KEi
Character proposed by: User:keitorinchan
Requesting assistance: The proposer does not appear to be requesting any assistance.
Progress report:
Oto.ini tweaking, re-recording of some Hiragana and concept art/character design

Aiaki Shou (愛秋 生)

Aiaki Shou - first UTAUloid to be made by creator; MIKA. Is still in development.

  • Name: 愛秋 生 (Interpretation: 愛秋 Aiaki: Meaning 'Love in Autumn'; 生 Shou: Meaning 'Life, Genuine, Birth')
  • Model: TBA
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Sexuality: Pansexual
  • Age: 17
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 172cm/5'8cm
  • Weight: TBA
  • Voice Range: N/A
  • Character Item: icecream soda
  • Likes: Otaku Culture, Alpacas
  • Dislikes: TBA

Additional Information

  • Hair color: Pale Ash Blond
  • Eye color: Warm Amber
  • Earphones: TBA
  • Dress: TBA
  • Favorite phrase: TBA

Character created by: MIKA
Character proposed by:  User:mikeirachan
Requesting assistance: No assistance needed.
Progress report: Voicebank and concept art under construction

Sakendane Taru

Taru sakendane

Taru is a genderless UTAU. S/he is the first UTAUloid of the PIEloids series, a UTAU serie made by Tart Sakuran. More informations on his/her real wiki page when s/he got one. Since s/he's somehow a UTAU joke, a lot of informations will stay secret until her/his first cover wilm be released.

Name : Sakendane Taru

Model : 0.1 T.U

Gender : unknown

Age : 19.5 or something similar. There is no true age

Voice range : currently E2-G4 but may change

Character item : cheese

|Born the 1 november 2012, Taru still not have a full VB because of computer problem and a few others things. But she/he is able to sing a few syllabes.

|character by = Tart Sakuran

|request = no assistance needed

Wip = the final design is more and less ok, but still secret. The voice need a new record. She/he would be able to sing in english, japanese, french and maybe russian.

The MMD model is still in development and will be maybe available before the VB. Some MMD videos with the very old design can be found in youtube. But that design is about 1 year old and should'nt be consider as Taru's true design.

progress : *august 2014 : Taru got their new and accurate design. A picture will be linked soon.

since Taru as a MMD model, she/he is used as a mascot character until having his/her first cover on youtube.

Last edit on Taru's section : january 13th 2015



  • Name: ELEKTRA
  • Alias: Kurai (Means lightning)
  • Age:(Appears as 17)
  • Biography: TBA
  • Personality: TBA
  • Type: FanFictionLoid / FFLoid (Info below)
  • Model: FF-1
  • Character Item: Sour Lollipops
  • Eye Colour: Gold
  • Hair Colour: White
  • Weight: 53kg
  • Height: 181cm (5'11")
  • Colour(s): White and Electric Blue
  • Likes: Lightning, sour sweets, cats, winter, reading, (song) writing.
  • Dislikes: Dogs, heat, having writers block, being ill.
  • Signature Song: May be 'World Is Mine', 'A tale of six trillion years and overnight', or an original song.
  • Genres: N/A
  • Voice Range: N/A
  • Relations: TBA
  • Creator: Gamer-Otaku-Aya / GO-Aya
  • Voicer: GO-Aya
  • Poster: GO-Aya
  • Creation Date: 21st February
  • Release Date: N/A

FanFictionLoids / FanFicLoids / FFLoids are Vocaloid which have been created by Fanfiction Authors. This series was created by GO-Aya and she should be turned to if anybody wants to join. You must still ask for permission.

Kiyoshi SHIRO


Kiyoshi SHIRO (清志白)(きよし しゅん) [NOT FINAL] SHIRO is the second UTAU that Shun has aspired. She is also the first UTAU of the two to show progress. 

Model: 113 (imprinted on her right)

Age: 13

Height: 5'1"

Weight: n/a

(???) is an UTAU with a not-so-neutral personality.Air headed

Character created by: Shun13
Character proposed by: User:Shun13
Requesting assistance: The proposer does not appear to be requesting any assistance.
Progress report:
August 10th, 2014

Japanese CV voicebank is mostly finished, most likely needing a rerecording to meet progression of understanding. A VCV voicebank will be attempted after completion. At this point it is unknown whether SHIRO will be released until a higher quality microphone is bought. Currently fleshing out character personality details.

August 30th, 2014

Starting to close in on a final design. Digital media is unavailable, so concept art will not be made. Lots of changes are occurring, but no progress for the voicebank. Reason being is that the owner's microphone is broken, and will need to buy a new one. Delayed until further notice.

Noizu Shiro

Noizu Shiro is a female Utauloid by ThisNoisyZabet. It is expected to be released by the end of the year 2014. Concept art is to be released on October 12 2014, as will various other information regarding the voicebank. Currently, it is planned to be released as a VCV voicebank with power and soft appends.

This isn't the first voicebank I've made, but it will be the first one I release :D looking forward to it!


Skylar LaChance


Skylar LaChance Skylar is the first Non-human UTAU made by RadioActiveTheThing.

Character created by: RadioActiveTheThing
Character proposed by:
Requesting assistance: State what your request is / default states, no assistance needed
Progress report:
State the current progress of the character is unknown


Yoshida Yasu (吉田 安) aka YASU

YASU is the first utauloid to be created by PrinceCatling. He is planned to be released (depending how busy the creator may be with school) by summer 2015 at the latest, winter 2014 at the earliest. The cat ears are fake.

  • Name: Yoshida Yasu (吉田 安) From 吉田 "lucky rice field" and 安 "peaceful". Stage name is stylized as YASU
  • Gender: Genderfluid
  • English Pronouns: She/her/hers, he/his/him, and they/them/their. May be used seperately or mixed together (example: She would have liked to go to the movies with you, but unfortunately they had caught a cold and would have felt bad if he sneezed on you and ended up getting you sick as well.)
  • Height: 5 ft/152 cm
  • Weight:  120 lb/54.5 kg
  • Race: Japanese
  • D.O.B.: December 31, 2XXX (may be changed)
  • Age: 18
  • Likes: Roll cake, mice, napping
  • Dislikes: Salad, waking up early
  • Personality: Quiet, aloof, a bit lazy, has a sarcastic, deadpan sense of humor
  • Color Scheme: Pink and white

Character proposed by: PrinceCatling

​Character created by: user:PrinceCatling

Requesting assistance: The proposer does not appear to be requesting any assistance.

Progress report: 

  • October 8, 2014

Voicebank recording is being postponed until mid-November because of school and seasonal allergies. Also being redesigned

  • September 18, 2014

CV voicebank is being recorded. A VCV and possibly an English voicebank are planned to be made after the creator gains more experience with using UTAU-Synth

Amaya Uta (name not certain)

Meaning of name- Night rain song

Gender- Female

Age- 14

Hair- Indigo

Eyes- Ice blue

Height- 157.48 cm.

Weight- 45.35 Kg.

Likes- Strawberries, Classical music, Len Kagamine, Books, Anything sweet, playing instruments.

Dislikes- Yanderes, Tei Sukone, Violence, Weapons, Pain and Suffering.

Signature Items- Books, Strawberries.

Amaya is usually a sweet, kind, shy girl. She loves playing instruments and learning new music. Amaya is in love with Len Kagamine, she is terrified of Tei Sukone due to her Yandere nature over Len. Due to Amaya's hatred for violence and and pain she will not defend herself if harm were to be caused to her. If someone she loves is harmed though, her mind will go blank and she will be taken over by rage. Amaya will hunt down whoever harmed her loved one and either kill them or cause serious trauma to that person. After she gets her revenge she will go unconscious, when she wakes up she will have no memory of what she has done.

Dressing Style- Very Feminine.

Normal color scheme- Indigo, Light blue, silver.

Utauloid creator- UtauLover518

Utauloid Proposed by- UtauLover518

 Shin'ne Reiji (清音レージ)


清 (shin/clear) 音 (ne/sound) レージ (reeji/reiji/rage)

No definite character details. Xir naming and initial creation was inspired by Gahata Meiji, voicebank concept inspired by Ritsu Namine's KIRE and EVE voicebanks, with no other ties to either. Originally intended to be a POWER append for Reika Mitsuki.

Character created by: Hoshi Kataoka/星K-0391
Character proposed by: User:HK-0391
Requesting assistance: The proposer does not appear to be requesting any assistance.
Progress report: In mid-late character concept stage.


Minagine Un


Minagine Un ・ 漲音運 ・ Overflowing sound of Luck

  • Group/Team : Minagiloid
  • Race  : human
  • Gender  : male
  • Age  : 19
  • Birthdate  : 7th July
  • Zodiac  : Cancer
  • Height  : 5"7 / 170cm
  • Weight  : 145.5lb / 66kg
  • Likes  : taking care of his siblings, vocal training, dance
  • Dislikes  : people who get close to Mei, Mei showing skin
  • Personality: a total kuudere on the outside and tsundere on the inside
Character created by: vanillaskyarts
Character proposed by: User:vanillaskyarts
Requesting assistance: No assistance needed
Progress report:
Character profile + design in progress

Utau2.0  :


Minagine Mei


Minagine Mei ・ 漲音命 ・ Overflowing sound of Life

  • Group/Team : Minagiloid
  • Race  : modified human / cyborg
  • Gender  : female
  • Age  : 18
  • Birthdate  : 5th May
  • Zodiac  : Taurus
  • Height  : 5"3 / 160cm
  • Weight  : 245lb / 111.1kg
  • Likes  : socialising, fashion, dance
  • Dislikes  : unspecified
  • Personality: Super sweet & kind, loves everyone & everything
Character created by: vanillaskyarts
Character proposed by: User:vanillaskyarts
Requesting assistance: No assistance needed
Progress report:
Character profile + design in progress


Minagine Kun


Minagine Kun ・ 漲音薫 ・ Overflowing sound of Aroma

  • Group/Team : Minagiloid
  • Race  : human
  • Gender  : female
  • Age  : 18
  • Birthdate  : 8th August
  • Zodiac  : Leo
  • Height  : 5"5.3 / 166cm
  • Weight  : 125.6lb / 57kg
  • Likes  : workout, adventure, dance
  • Dislikes  : thick clothes/covering skin, eye makeup
  • Personality: tomboyish, very outgoing
Character created by: vanillaskyarts
Character proposed by: User:vanillaskyarts
Requesting assistance: No assistance needed
Progress report:
Character profile + design in progress


Minagine Emi


Minagine Emi ・ 漲音笑 ・ Overflowing sound of Smile

  • Group/Team : Minagiloid
  • Race  : unknown
  • Gender  : male
  • Age  : 18
  • Birthdate  : 6th June
  • Zodiac  : Gemini
  • Height  : 5"9 / 174cm
  • Weight  : 154.3lb / 70kg
  • Likes  : stealing other people's loved ones, fashion, dance
  • Dislikes  : not getting what he wants
  • Personality: appears to be evil, arrogant and very cheesy. He is idol-prince like
Character created by: vanillaskyarts
Character proposed by: User:vanillaskyarts
Requesting assistance: No assistance needed
Progress report:
Character profile + design in progress


Cho Maiko (まいこ ちょ)


Cho Maiko (まいこ ちょ) (Cho = Butterfly Maiko = Dancing Child)

  • Age: 21
  • Personality: Cho is a sweet soul and very girly, having been into singing and dancing since she was tiny. The woman competes often in baton events. She isn't the brightest in the pack but smart enough to know when things are getting really serious. Cho is a very loyal friend so watch out if you cross someone she cares for. She may be girly but could still kick your rear end!
  • Model: LKT
  • Character Item: Batons
  • Eye Colour:Blue
  • Hair Colour: Blonde
  • Height: 5ft 5in
  • Colours: Pink and Grey
  • Likes: Dancing, singing, make up, strawberries, rain
  • Dislikes: lightning, eggs, the dark, bullies
  • Signature Song: Cho-chan Cho-chan Night Fever, a version of Luka Luka Night Fever
  • Voicebank type: VCV Japanese
  • Voicer: ELocket
Character created by: ELocket
Character proposed by: User:ELocket
Requesting assistance: State what your request is / default states, no assistance needed
Progress report:
Artwork outline complete, voicebank started

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