Name: NULL.
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Color: Orange
Prop: Shotgun
Type: ARMY Type

NULL is very complex, and has had many changes and updates applied in the past year. She is voice acted by a woman whose alias is Strattou. Development was suspended in April of 2011.

Specifications and History

She is partway british. However, no videos are available as of late March, 2011.


She's considered a grump! However, she's actually one of the kindest UTAU/Vocaloids. Despite her kindness, she is very strict. She does not tolerate violence, and does not condone any kind of hate.

Her words sound meaningful, but she's sort of a hypocrite, as she's seen often getting into conflicts with other vocaloids. She also has a tendancy to threaten others with her shotgun.

Volumes and Editions

Volume 1: Obsolete

Volume 2: Obsolete

Volume 3: Current

SPURT! Special Edition Japanese Voicebank: In Progress

RISE! Special Edition Russian Voicebank: In Progress

TRUTH! Special Edition English Voicebank: In Progress

Singular Sword! Special Edition: In Progress

Twin Handgun! Special Edition: In Progress

Tri Scythe! Special Edition: In Progress

Null's First Program! Vocaloid Edition!: In Progress


More of the army type than anything, NULL isn't very vague. However this wikia page is, cause she's so new! Actually, she's in fact, 2 years old! She's been around since May 2009, when she was created as the engineer type. She debuted on iScribble. However, she didn't become a definate UTAUloid until mid 2010.

Around late 2010, her redesigns became more and more frequent. An army-type design was settled upon in early 2011.

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