Raikuto Kurosawa
Raikuto is a fun and playful kid. He is 14-15 years old he has a kiddish voice but thinks he can sing better then Micro and Midori. Luno and Haruko are his little play mates. They love to have fun but Makosama ruins everything. He has a huge crush on Hiyori Shirakane and he wants to be Taiyo Raikone's Boyfriend, But shes a little too tsundere for him. His friends are Micro Namane, Luno Amane, Haruko Nana, Nana Macne, Midori Keketori and Riyo Samune. Raikuto's name means black swamp and glass sound in which he sounds like a falling robot. Raikuto loves to protect his friends and family.

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