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Rainy UTAUloid

Rainy Hizami

Name: Rainy Hizami (らいにえ ひざみ)

Name Interpretation :-

Pronounced as "Rei-ni"

Type : VENOMloid

Model : AG-153

Gender Male Voice Range  B2~A4 Related Characters

Nanamiya Zeke ( Partner )

Leneko ( Friend )

Reneko ( Friend )

more below

Age 19 y.o. Genre

Any (except sexual contents)

Homepage V I R U S
Weight 47kg Character Items Round pink hairclip on the left side Creator V I R U S
Height 176cm Voice Source Yoshiko Ren Picture Link Lists ~
Birthday 5/12 Likes Zeke , pink , Calamity Media List ~
Release Date 29/8/2015 Dislikes boredom , sarcasm things Signature Songs [coming soon]
Personalities: He mostly love to smiles and laughs. He is a very cheerful person especially when he is with his best buddy , Zeke and Kaguma. He will be calm as ever when he stays in a calm place such as windy garden.

Supplemental Information

  • Hair : black
  • Eyes : Pink
  • Inner Shirt : Black
  • Hoodies: Pink
  • Head Gear : Pink headphone and hairclip
  • Pants : black
  • Shoes : Maroon
  • Nationality / Races : Malaysian-Japanese

Voice Configuration

Contains CV , supports romaji and hiragana

CV download :-

newest version of the CV will be updated soon!

Related Character

  • Nanamiya Zeke ( Fellow VENOMloid - Partner )
  • Nanamiya Kaguma ( Fellow VENOMloid )
  • Naine Eito ( Fellow VENOMloid )
  • Toki Imo ( Fellow VENOMloid )
  • Leon ( Fellow VENOMloid )
  • Yarui Munegi ( Fellow VENOMloid )
  • Leneko ( Friend )
  • Reneko ( Friend )


  • He love to jokes ( sometimes kinky )
  • Loyal and caring
  • Obedient and soft
  • Always Cheerful
  • He love animals for a lot

Usage Clause

  • NEVER claim that the character belongs to you.
  • ALLOWED to be used freely.
  • DO NOT do anything to damage the character's name or image.
  • Please CREDIT THE CREATOR once you've used the character or the voicebank.
  • Permission is encouraged. do ask me in here Virus
  • Solos/Duets/Choruses are ALLOWED.
  • Permission for using him in Role Plays (RP) is COMPULSARY.

If one is caught breaking the rules,please REPORT to the creator IMMEDIATELY.

This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character V I R U S .Please DO NOT change anything here without his permission.


Rainy full body

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